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Filters    new!rustyknight1111/23/2017 12:46:08 PM
** Happy Thanksgiving! **    new!karennma111/23/2017 7:24:57 AM
Conquering the Seven Faces of Risk by Scott Jud from SectorS...davesaint86011/22/2017 7:13:16 PM
Look Out Belowfour011/21/2017 12:41:23 AM
Shaved barArnoBui211/20/2017 10:22:20 AM
Breakout Continuation//or FAKEOUT??BlackBars1611/19/2017 5:08:56 PM
Is there an indicator that measures revenue over a given per...mutchkajs111/15/2017 10:08:48 AM
Volatility of Volatility FilterSAFeTRADE011/13/2017 7:13:44 PM
Has anybody been watching expected moves as it relates to op...SAFeTRADE211/10/2017 2:56:30 PM
Anybody see TNX overnight?SAFeTRADE011/10/2017 12:13:17 PM
Check out SPY yield compared to BND and IEF yieldSAFeTRADE011/9/2017 4:17:11 PM
Volatility contraction - price and volumecire0015111/9/2017 12:50:10 PM
Monthly Traders Updateshillllihs1211/8/2017 5:24:55 PM
Static Variables for Count ?chasS011/7/2017 7:40:44 PM
3 Black Crows Then Bullishsnappyfrog211/7/2017 8:06:43 AM
MACD Fast and Slow Linesdrand11211/6/2017 3:09:08 PM
automatic tradingjfue611-wlzz973kg-wqu558v2611/6/2017 3:04:54 PM
General Questions about ZIV and Cantangodavesaint86011/6/2017 1:53:27 PM
Interviewsfour24611/5/2017 4:05:36 PM
Question about a companymarine2211/5/2017 11:53:55 AM
Weekly rangehrosas711/4/2017 8:50:41 PM
QCOMfour011/4/2017 7:08:48 AM
Multi-Candlestick Screener that could help EVERYONE ??BlackBars710/30/2017 6:33:39 PM
market club buy signalsemwalker010/30/2017 10:54:14 AM
OPTIONS Trading using Charting Wealthpthomas215310/28/2017 10:35:39 PM
How to test see results 5 days ago so I can see the trenddrand11110/28/2017 8:34:15 PM
NVDAkarennma110/28/2017 9:16:42 AM
Prz. Trump Announcing FED CHAIRMAN next weekkarennma010/28/2017 7:54:26 AM
Smoothest Upward TrendlineBlackBars410/27/2017 11:48:18 PM
President Trump is winning our heartsmarine22210/27/2017 3:02:21 PM
COGsnappyfrog410/27/2017 9:32:20 AM
Why is SF only showing scans for October 24th, when we're al...Yngvai110/25/2017 10:51:00 AM
Buy & Hold is the best strategykarennma410/24/2017 4:46:32 PM
Merck & Co. said Friday it is laying off about 1,800 U.S. sa...four010/20/2017 7:49:16 PM
HTTP REST API Accesss to Daily Scan Result?mrkx210/20/2017 4:42:35 PM
Re-pricing of stockskarennma710/18/2017 4:43:30 PM
Increase/ decreaseDoug Manning110/17/2017 9:21:36 AM
bad stocks slip through filtersctmvas110/17/2017 7:02:06 AM
chuck hughes and 3:25:37 PM
if then conditionbyebyemoney210/12/2017 12:57:52 AM
Weekly Bullish Crossovers/Indicators?BlackBars010/11/2017 9:18:40 PM
Filter questionbyebyemoney410/11/2017 4:39:31 PM
Kevin care to take a shot at this?SAFeTRADE510/11/2017 8:06:39 AM
DPZ - Domino's Pizzafour610/5/2017 7:47:33 AM
Interesting new site I stumbled upon .Mactheriverrat13410/3/2017 5:02:43 PM
Any Stratasearch experts willing to answer a couple question...BlackBars79/30/2017 2:10:47 PM
Is there a Coppock indicator or an equivalent? lemmy19/30/2017 1:06:16 PM
There's always a bull market somewheremahkoh79/26/2017 2:42:13 PM
Please comment on Option Strategy - video - Covered Callfour119/26/2017 12:03:32 PM
Monthly Statistics15minoffame119/24/2017 10:05:49 PM
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