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9/24/2004 1:10:06 PM

As a result of some great user suggestions, we have added a new extension to the "draw" command. You can now direct your draw commands to specific plots.

The usage for this new feature is:

draw [MEASURE] on plot [MEASURE]

Below are several examples:

set{upper,MA(10) * 1.05}
set{lower,MA(10) * 0.95}
close is above 5
and draw upper on plot close
and draw lower on plot close

show stocks where close is above 5
and Fast Stochastic(15,5) Fast %K crossed above Fast Stochastic(15,5) Slow %D
and draw RSI(14) on plot Fast Stochastic Fast(15,5) %K

show stocks where close is above 5
and RSI(14) crossed above 30
and draw RSI(10) on plot RSI(14)
and draw RSI(5) on plot RSI(14)

*** Note *** you can not directly draw a basic price value (open, high, low, close) on a different plot. You will want to assign these to variables first, for example:

close is above 10
and draw my_hi
and draw my_low on plot my_hi
and draw my_open on plot my_hi
and draw my_close on plot my_hi

Note: If you find the "on plot" command not working as desired, please make sure to issue any draw commands prior to using the measures as part of your filter logic. For example:

draw var1
and draw var2 on plot var1
and var1 is below 30
and var2 is below 30

If you have any questions, or run across any bugs, please let us know! Support

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