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The StockFetcher Candlestick Matching Tool

  1. Interactive Matching Area - The interactive matching area allows you to resize your candles and configure parameters to fit your approach. Click here to see how you can configure the candles.
  2. Symbol Pattern Import - Enter an existing symbol to see the last 5 day pattern. This allows you to start with a known pattern and either find other stocks that match that pattern, or modify the pattern to find alternatives.
  3. View Pattern Matches - Once you have configured the pattern you want, click Fetch Stocks! to see that pattern in action.
  4. Symbol History - After you enter a symbol, you can use this scroll bar to choose any 5 day period for that stock.
  5. Help Page - Overview and context-based help on using this tool.
  6. Filter Settings - Additional filter requirements you can add. This would allow you to specify other conditions (such as a downtrend or crossovers) as well as adding other indicators to draw on your charts.

Configuring the candles

Individual Candle Properties

By Clicking the actual candle body, you can modify whether the day is up, down, either or skipped. Each successive click in the body will toggle through these options. Below are examples of each:

Up day
Close above Open

Down day
Close below Open

Color not important

Skip this day.

Compare candle with previous

Next, you can indicate whether or not you want to compare one candle with the next. This is done by moving your mouse to the left of the candlestick body and clicking the red-arrow that appears:

Once you add the comparison feature, you will see 4 arrow from the candle on the right lining up with the candle on the left. Each arrow represents on of the candle points:

  • Day High
  • Body Top
  • Body Bottom
  • Day Low
  • Also, note the small red boxes. These represent cases where the value on the right must be equal (or very close) to the associated point on the left candle. If you do not see the box, the line is indicating that the point will be above or below the left candle's corresponding point.

    To disable this feature, simply follow the steps to enable (click on the red-arrow to the left of the candle body.

    Ignore HIGH or Ignore LOW

    If you approach does not need to compare the HIGH and/or LOW of the day you can simply click your mouse button on the HIGH or LOW. Simply repeat to re-enable the value.

    Ignore body position

    If your pattern only needs to compare the high and low of the day, you can ignore the BODY of the candle by clicking on the red circle that appears to the RIGHT of the candle body. When you do this, your candle will appear as a straight line, but retain the actual color specified for the day. Below is an example:

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