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8/31/2004 1:52:21 PM

We have just released a new StockFetcher syntax checking feature. This allows you to identify and help resolve any problems that may exist in your filters.

There are two ways to access this feature. If StockFetcher detects a potential problem in your filter, you will see a text-link below your filter text indicating a potential error.

(!)Potential Filter Error

You can also manually visit the syntax checker by clicking on the debug filter link when viewing the results of a text-based filter.

Below are a couple examples that illustrate the error checking:

Fetcher[show stocks where close is above high
and average volxume(20) is above 100000

set{A, high - low}
set{B, AA / 2}
show stocks where B is above 1.00

Since this feature is still under development, there are a couple limitations and you may run across a bug or two. If you do experience a problem or have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, we are looking to add several additional features to the syntax checking, including:

  • Filter Results Checking - See how many stocks survive each phase of your filter.
  • Symbol Match Checking - Determine if and why a filter may not match a filter.
  • Support for My Filters - Scan saved filters for errors.

    Thank you, Support

  • cegis
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    8/31/2004 3:54:18 PM

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    There'll be dancin' in the streets tonight!!!


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    8/31/2004 6:55:26 PM

    I too thank you much

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    8/31/2004 7:06:26 PM

    Just to let you know this error seems to slip through syntax check:

    close has been increasinf for 4 days


    close has been increasing for 4 days

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    9/1/2004 9:00:05 AM

    There seems to be a glitch in the first example. "Close above high" checks OK, but close can't be above high. Equal to, of course, but not above.

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    9/1/2004 9:06:57 AM


    Very good point; however, it does point out that the initial release of this feature is a syntax checker only. The syntax verification should be used to determine whether or not the actual text of your filter is parsed by StockFetcher correctly.

    At this time the syntax checker will not tell you whether or not the "corrected" filter will actually return results. That is for a future release when we display the number of survivors from each stage of your filter.

    Hope that helps!

    Tom Support

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    9/4/2004 2:19:26 AM

    Thank you!
    We are making progress!


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    9/19/2004 12:00:38 PM

    Where is the DEBUG FILTER LINK?

    I can't click on it above.

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    9/20/2004 9:04:09 AM


    It's next to "show results 3 months ago"...



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