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6/22/2015 9:24:30 AM

Thank you,
StockFetcher Support

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I for one will not miss the back testing capability of SF -

I won't miss it either.
Subscribers can use "date offset" or "chart-time".

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6/22/2015 10:00:17 AM

WTF!!!! Guess I will have to find a new site to do my research. I'm thinking StrataSearch or something really good like TC2000 by Worden. I'm still hoping that SF changes their minds. If they don't then, I'm outta here. Starting over and rewriting my best filters AND BACK TESTS on another site.


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6/22/2015 10:21:53 AM

Re: "stockfetcher
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There are many reasons we are discontinuing this service; partly due to limitations in the data we support, but also business related due to the high cost of supporting the backtesting service compared to the very low level of customer interest.
Here's my 0.02 cents ...
If it's "costly" to SF to support backtesting, then get rid of it!
Users will still be able to utilize the "date offset" feature or the "chart-time" feature to do their backtests.
Works great!

One potential compromise - spend a little time writing out a FAQ and clear instructions on how to use the current backtesting system, then stop dedicating SF support resources to it. I'm sure you were handling a lot of private emailed requests for help - if that is where you are struggling with cost, simply announce in the backtesting area that the service is no longer providing technical support. This way you do not lose capability for the members (which based on the feedback in this thread so far is seen as a key reason for continued membership) and meet your cost control targets.

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6/22/2015 11:54:51 AM

The problem for SF is fairly obvious.
No offense to some of the protesters, but look at the # of their posts.
They are not sharing in the forums
and this presents a problem for SF.
Frankly, if you're not sharing on the board & you're using the SF staff as a personal concierge service for your technical issues, no wonder they want to discontinue the service.
If you'd been using the message boards to share & resolve issues, this might not have happened.
For $9/mo., from a business point of view, I'd discontinue the service too!

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6/23/2015 10:27:58 PM

SF: You need to take these comments seriously. Why can't you do as suggested by Kevin. Let Back Test functionality be there, stop support for it and stop upgrading it (start whenever you feel to do so).

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6/24/2015 12:42:30 AM

From SF: "Analyzing the past results of a filter and backtesting (or simulated trades, as currently implemented) are very different constructs. A trading simulation attempts to mimic the entry and exit of cycle of trading approach. We believe it is possible to abstract how a filter selects candidates, including how those candidates behave, without involving the entire trading process. "

I honestly have no idea what this means. Do you mean you'll simply show how the filter would have performed if every qualifier was bought on the next open and then sold after x days?

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6/27/2015 9:51:05 AM

I use backtesting a lot and will leave if SF discontinue it. Please reconsider your decision. Just stop providing support for it. We are fine without any support. I did not need one anyway. It is simple enough to use it as it is right now.

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6/29/2015 7:38:09 AM

Eliminating back testing tool is a terrible idea and the amount of use seems to be pure BS as most automated systems are stand alone and run without human intervention. Your tool has never posed a problem for me and I have been a subscriber for a while. Has anyone else ever experienced a problem with the back testing tool? Big mistake as back testing SHOULD always be a part of any site that promotes the creation of potential trade ideas.....why create if you can't test it on the same site? Someone asked about other places.....Vector Vest is one that offers both creation and back testing ability plus much more......try Google for others....they are out there. Big mistake guys and the reasoning really does not make sense.

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6/29/2015 4:07:27 PM

I agree with the last two observations here. To create you must test. Without either of them you have a lost product. Be very careful of losing one of your "what we deem" most important tools in order to perhaps downsize your personnel staff or make more money for yourselves. When businesses fall it's usually because of greed. They cut in the wrong places or stop listening to their customers and decid they could afford to lose X many clients to meet their agenda. Like the many here have stated, you can stop supporting any future work or fielding problem questions some may have in dealing with this tool. It really is simple enough for most of us to navigate and make it useful for our needs. Keep the tool and make everyone know your listening to us. Thank you.

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6/29/2015 5:03:28 PM

We have no intention of providing a product we would not fully support. Simply put, that is not how we would want to be treated as a customer, nor how we run a business. An online tool such as this has many support components that must be considered. The plain fact of the matter is the backtesting tool is too expensive to support based on the size of the audience it receives.

We understand that removing this tool eliminates certain functionality which, as a customer, you have the ultimate power of deciding the value of. Our burden is to continue developing solutions that help meet the needs of our current and future customers.

StockFetcher Support

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