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9/15/2015 8:37:59 PM

Having to relearn a redesigned site with little added value does not help.

Would love to have even a simple backtest function made available

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9/18/2015 4:13:40 AM

Be nice if one could use trend lines that stayed on any chart that they were put on. To me that would be something.

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9/18/2015 6:01:55 PM

I completely agree with Mactheriverrat's would save me from having to derive the slope of my trendlines and extrapolate out.

I also find it very cumbersome to not be able to use multiple mathematical operations in one set statement. I am not sure why this restriction is in place. Perhaps it is difficult to code otherwise, but really...Mactheriverrat's suggestion and being able to use multiple operation in one set statement would be much more useful to me than a facelift.

Although when your business is more targeted at gaining new users...

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9/19/2015 2:58:09 PM

Bring the backtesting back. Even though it was buggy it was a great tool for quickly evaluating strategies. I miss it.

This UI rewrite is a waste of time. Features are more important for this crowd.

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9/20/2015 12:15:58 AM

I have been a SF member for probably longer than most. Have not used it much lately but want to second the comments made by those previously. I work for a software company that has 97% customer satisfaction as well as customer retention. That is unheard of in the industry. All of our enhancements are customer driven. Nothing is added or subtracted without the incredible input from our users. After thinking of this, what is your agenda? Do you even have a plan for this site? Why would you even waste time on a new UI unless it was requested by your users. I have not seen anyone complain? I seems as though this site is just a hobby for few coders that don't care about their customers, growing it or taking it to the next level. I am still amazed you chose to take away the backtesting which was the top feature most on the site used. Good luck with SF as you have a lot to learn about listening and taking care of your customers. Hopefully it is not too late for those that remain!

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9/20/2015 8:08:56 AM


Thank you for all of the passionate feedback. We really do appreciate it.

The changes we are working through have three objectives.

Eliminate old and/or obsolete technology

From a server perspective, we need to replace technology that is no longer supported or prevents us from upgrading to the latest and fastest hardware. Once complete this gives us the ability to implement some features being requested that are more CPU intensive in nature.

On the client side, there are some areas that make this more than just a “face lift”. This includes:
- Replacing Adobe Flash based tools. Flash is not supported on mobile devices and is starting to be phased out in browsers.
- Utilize frameworks that can help to accelerate our development process (ex. bootstrap/jquery/…). In this area, we simply have no choice but to alter the user interface (hopefully for the better).

Better support for mobile platforms

While we won’t have a mobile friendly website after this initial release, we will be in a much better position to offer a StockFetcher solution on phones and non-iOS tablets.

Reduce confusion for users

The vast majority of user feedback we receive from subscribers is that the site is too complex to use. Over the years, we have introduced tools features which complicate or confuse the new user experience. We hope to eliminate some of this confusion going forward and improve the flow for our existing users in the process.

As with any change, this can be disruptive and upsetting for users comfortable with the existing design. We certainly hope to keep the disruption to a minimum but understand some changes are necessary.

We realize we are going to get some things wrong and upset users who have stuck with us through the years. This is, unfortunately, the price we pay to try and keep our technology up to date while planning for some of the features that our advanced users have been requesting.

It is for these reasons and past requests that we offer a preview version (beta) before switching everyone over. So please give it a try and give us your input. Let us know what you like and don’t like.

Best Regards,

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9/20/2015 11:58:16 AM

"Once complete this gives us the ability to implement some features being requested that are more CPU intensive in nature."

This is the starting statement we (users) needed to hear from the beginning... now keep elaborating (with details) on how the upgrades will pay attention to our requests. Sell us on what the benefit to us is...


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9/20/2015 3:05:37 PM

On the beta site Large Charts button not working right. when I hit large I get side by side charts.
Add a Hugh chart button.

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9/21/2015 7:46:15 AM


Thanks for the feedback. We have added the "Huge" option for charts.

Best regards, Support

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9/21/2015 3:05:54 PM

If I use sharedlist I get redirected to the current site. What are your plans with sharedlists?
I use sharedlists for one functionality: I can edit them by pasting copied cells straight from excel into the field that contains the tickers. If I want to do that in a watchlist I first need to separate the tickers by a comma. Maybe you can add a possibility to copy tab separated files in watchlists.

And where do we edit our global filters?

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