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4/25/2003 2:18:33 PM

We have just released a preview copy of the StockFetcher User Guide!

This guide is intended to provide details on how to get the most use out of StockFetcher's text-based screening. You will find descriptions of keywords as well as many examples. Hopefully you will find this book useful.

As this is a "Preview" draft of the book, we expect you may run across errors or omissions. As with the StockFetcher service, we appreciate any and all feedback you may have concerning the book. Additionally, as we modify the guide, we will continue to post updated versions.

In future versions, look for:
  • An extensive chapter devoted to examples.
  • A basic introduction to technical stock screening and analysis.
  • Improvements and additions to the indicator and measure documentation.

    Click on the link below to download the StockFetcher Usage Guide (Adobe Acrobat viewer is required.)

    StockFetcher Usage Guide, Preview Copy-A (4/25/2003)

    Thank you, Support

  • defghca
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    5/5/2003 4:23:43 PM

    reqarding a query on 45 day,60 days channels
    in your 1/8/2003 follow-up you write:

    1/8/2003 9:24:35 AM

    "We will certainly include all of the information and specifics in the StockFetcher user's guide.......We will definitely provide more details in a user-guide, but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions!"

    In the case of the channel, I should first mention that we are looking to add more flexibility to that measure and allowing you to specifiy values that would indicate position of the close within the channel. In the meantime, here are some of the requirements used in the channels:
    this would be a great enhancement "

    I did not find any "information and specifics " in this stockfetcher user guide

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    5/10/2003 1:17:00 PM

    I downloaded the user guide and it came thru in a bunch of symbles not letters. How do I correct this?

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