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8/28/2003 2:49:25 PM

I'm beat.....can anyone tell me how to find stocks trading in (lets say) a
20 percent range over the last 30 days.
Appreciate your help. I am trying to find charts that look like BCON


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8/28/2003 4:37:06 PM

Fetcher[Average True Range(30) has been increasing for 30 days and add column atr(30)]

That should get you started down the right path...

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8/28/2003 5:01:46 PM

see top of the page INDEX average true range
Fetcher[Show stocks where Average True Range(30) is below 20
and Average Volume(90) is above 20000
and close is between 5 and 250

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8/28/2003 5:27:44 PM

Thanks Therumpledone and defghca but could you take another minute and try and tweek this for me, I am still not close to getting to where I want to be, I should have told you I am trying to get the bollinger look of BCON prior to Aug 15, ( the line must be straight and narrow)I find them by accident and just keep checking them daily, they are well worth watching, they offer some great returns, my problem is I can't find them by screen,
Really appreiciate your time,

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8/28/2003 10:12:39 PM


This filter catches BCON on August 15 (run it with a date offset of 9 days). It is a variation on a BB squeeze-type filter I've been testing with slightly different parameters than I use. I think it's pretty close to what you are looking for. Keep in mind there are many ways to find stocks trading in a very narrow flat range like BCON prior to August 15, but watching these will drive you nuts. What you really want is a filter that detects outlier data points from this very narrow band - this is what I'm attempting to do with this filter. Check it out and let me know what you think and any tweaks you see of particular value (although it sounds like you don't enjoy designing filters).


Fetcher[bollinger width(20) 1 day ago reached a new 1 month low and high is above upper bollinger band(20) and low is above lower bollinger band(20) and volume has gained more than 80% close is between 0.1 and 10 and average volume(90) is above 100000]

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