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3/21/2005 8:53:56 PM

One thing that I have found myself increasingly doing is only paying attention to stocks where the MA(50) is going up. After studying hundreds of charts from different filters, a rising MA(50) does seem to improve the odds of a stock continuing its climb, notwithstanding some negative news. I have written several filters that look for a possible reversal in a down trend, but a lot of times the down trend continues, after the price flattens out for awhile. Especially if the MA(50) is negative. Its nice to have the best odds you can get when money is involved. The consolidation filter I`ve used, with some good results, but not many results have the stochastic climbing high, predicting a breakout, especially with the market the way its been.

Fetcher[Show stocks where volume > 300000
and 3 day slope of MA(50) is > 0
and average volume has been increasing for 5 days
and COG(3) is above COG EMA(3)
and close is below upper bollinger(20)
and RSI(5) is above 50
and price is between 5 and 100

I read somewhere that fund managers and institutional buyers use the price, in relation to MA(50), for entry and exit points.

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3/23/2005 2:16:06 AM

Yes, very good idea to buy on strength and a rising MA(50) for x amount of days says that. The length of days for the x factor is up to each person writing their filter.


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3/23/2005 8:26:02 AM

nice, thank you!

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