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9/4/2012 2:46:58 PM

Not sure if Stock Fetcher can compare just one symbol against another but figured who better to know than here? Here's the formula from 2 different sources:

Ami Pro:

// AccuTrack Compares performance of two securities
// The basic idea is to switch between the two securities
// AccuTrack was developed by FastTrack (

// Following is the Indicator Builder Formula

fnd = Name();
ind = "FDRXX"; // FDRXX is money market fund, so the comparison is done
with cash.
fund = Foreign(fnd, "Close");
index = Foreign(ind, "Close");

fast = 6;
slow = 24;
RawAT = EMA((EMA(ROC(fund,1), slow) - EMA(ROC(index,1),slow)),fast);
tradeAccuTrack = RawAT * 265;
Plot(tradeAccuTrack, "tradeAccuTrack", colorBlue, styleLine);


To make this formula work:

Plot two funds.

Either copy or drag the price plot of one of the funds into a new inner window of the other fund.

Click on this plot to place "handles" on each end. This is P.

Drop the following custom indicator on P. That means when P changes color, not when the base price plot changes color.

For ease of viewing, drag the new plot into an inner window of its own.
The formula:

Mov(Mov(ROC(C,1,%),48,E)-Mov(ROC(P, 1,%),48,E),12,E)

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9/4/2012 10:31:53 PM

I know this is not it... but its as close as I can get quickly... its a start in the right direction

Fetcher[ symlist(tna,)
compare with TZA

draw CMA(ROC(1,1),6) on (ROC(1,24)

draw ROC(1,6) on ind(tza, ROC(1,24))

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9/4/2012 10:52:24 PM

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