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4/8/2021 2:24:17 PM

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Set up Rules
Stock is member of the Russell 3000 index
The as traded price is greater than $1
The 21 day moving average of close*volume greater than $500K
Close is greater than the 100 day moving average
RSI2 is less than 10
Entry Rules
If we have a set up, then enter a limit order for the next day at 5% below the close. Order good for
one day only.
Only place enough orders so if they are all filled you are not in more than 10 positions
If have multiple set ups, then rank from high to low by the 100 day historical volatility.
We enter on additional intraday weakness.
Exit Rules
RSI is greater than 50 or after 10 trading days
Exit on next open

apply to sharedlist(russell-3000)
close is above 1
Average Volume(21) is above 500000
close is above MA(100)
RSI(2) crossed below 10
set{var1, close 1 day ago * 0.95}
draw var1 on plot close
set{var2, count(open is above var1, 1)}
draw var2
add column Historical Volatility(100,1)
sort column 5 ascending

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