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10/9/2016 11:01:00 AM

close between 1.5 and 9.99
volume above 250000
not etf
not otcbb

sort column 5 descending

set{momo, close / close 6 weeks ago}
set{%Rsetup, count(Williams %R(30) crossed above -20,1)}
set{b%setup, count(Bollinger %B(20,2.0) crossed above 1,1)}
set{SSSetup, count(Slow Stochastics fast %K(12,3) crossed above 80,1)}

set{b%up, count(Bollinger %B(20,2.0) above .50,1)}
set{b%dn, count(Bollinger %B(20,2.0) below .49.9,1)}

set{fs30, Fast Stochastics Fast %K(30,1)}
set{fup, count(fs30 above 80,1)}
set{fdn, count(fs30 below 79.9,1)}
set{fsup, fup * 100}
set{fsdn, fdn * 100}

set{slst, Slow Stochastics Fast %K(12,3) / 100}
set{slstup, count(slst above .80,1)}
set{slstdn, count(slst below .799,1)}

momo above .80
do not draw momo

draw b%setup
draw b%dn on plot Bollinger %B(20,2.0)
draw b%up on plot Bollinger %B(20,2.0)
draw Bollinger %B(20,2.0) line at .50

draw %Rsetup
draw fsdn on plot fs30
draw fsup on plot fs30
draw fs30 line at 80

draw SSSetup
draw slstdn on plot slst
draw slstup on plot slst
draw slstup line at .80

draw pdi(14) line at 25
draw pdi(14) line at 20
add column separator
add column momo
add column %rsetup
add column sssetup
add column b%setup
add column pdi(14)
add column mdi(14)
add column separator

/***********************************ACTUAL RISK*******************************/

set{stop20, atr(20) * 2}
set{buystop20, close - stop20}
set{risk20, stop20 / close}
set{risk%20, risk20 * 100}
set{buyst, high - low}
set{buysto, buyst * .40}
set{buystop, buysto + low}

set{wager, 2000. * .04}
set{equity, wager / risk20}
set{shareqty, equity / close}

add column risk20{Risk%}
add column low 3 day low{low3}

add column shareqty{-qty}
add column equity{-equty}

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10/9/2016 12:46:31 PM

This is a great filter. Thanks for sharing. How would I alter the filter to show the green line crossing over the red line on all 4 parameters at the bottom of the chart? what would I ask SF to search for?

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