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9/22/2006 2:31:27 AM

I am also a member of IBD and recently joined Stock Fetcher. I always feel that mixing fundamental and technical is good combination.
In IBD forum, there is a guy (Andy) who's got a very nice trading style. Over the years, I have tested his style and seems to be really nice. I just don't know how to code it in stock fetcher...Below is his trading style...

Can someone please convert it into SF code?

I'm starting this topic because this is my current trading style and it seems to be working for me really well. I've been testing this system for the past couple of months. So, I thought I share it with the rest of the forum after seeing some decent results. If you like what I have to say then do some DD to see if it could work for you as well. As time goes on I'll make a effort to continue to post my findings. I'll do my best also to answer any question you may have.

My Technique:
My trading style consist of one search everyday after the markets are closed. I do a search of stocks that increased a minimum of 500% + above the average trading volume. From there I only look at the ones that were positive for the day. Then I check the charts of these stocks to see if they gapped up for the day. The gap up has to be bascially an all time high or a few years all time high. It is better if there is a base prior to these gaps. If it is uptrending that is ok. Then I check the news once I narrowed it down to see if there was postive related news. There must be positive related news. The news must be better than expected, highest quarterly earnings, or anything similar. That is it in a nutshell folks. Usually, I start the day with about 50-70 stocks. Then it is narrowed down to 30 or so. Finally, after reviewing the charts I get anything from 0-4 that made the cut. Most days I recieve 0, which is fine because on the days I find something it is all good.

Buying and Holding:
If there is one I like and would buy; I try to put an order in for the next day. How long do I hold these stocks when I buy. I hold for a little as 5 weeks, but I'm seeing better returns in about 10 weeks. Once in a stock I watch it to see if it can hold a 10 DMA line. I won't sell unless it goes below the 50 DMA or if it goes down to fill the gap. Even if it is at the 50 DMA and I have some gain I'll hold till I find the next stock I think will be a winner.

Prior findings:
Symbol Date
IFO 8Nov05
AIRM 9Nov05
IMDC 15Nov05
DBRN 30Nov05
PTRY 1Dec05
HURC 7Dec05
DIOD 13Dec05
WPCS 15Dec05
WDC 21Dec05
MTW 11Jan06
OPTC 12Jan06
JEC 24Jan06
AMG 25Jan06


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9/22/2006 7:31:34 AM

something to start with:

Fetcher[set{volsurge,volume / average volume(50)}
set{gapup1,low / high 1 day ago}
volsurge is above 4
volume is above 100000
gapup1 is above 1.01
close reached a new 1 year high

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9/22/2006 11:04:04 PM did the work

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