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4/15/2007 4:12:00 PM

Since recently joing SF I have been doing a lot of reading and basic research of the best filter variations. I came accross this filter on a post several months ago by as214.

fetcher [ show stocks where offset 0 and price > 3 and price < 40
and average volume(90) > 100000
RSI(2) < 1 and
60 day slope of the ema(50) > 0 and
average volume(90) > 100000
and price is > 5% below DMA(28,-14) ]

I have done the basic canned backtests and they have performed well especially for a 2 day hold. I have manually looked at a lot of the charts and this filter works as is with no entry guidelines. When looking at the charts it seemed to me that better results were gained by not actually waiting for green, but waiting of a decent size pullback from the signal day close.

My question is can the following be done with SF Backtesting? If so, I would appreciate any help with the actual wording for backtesting entry criteria that would allow me to wait for about a 2% drop from from prior days close before entry. Also If the trade does not trigger on 1st day I don't want it triggered at all. My exit is close of 2nd day. My feeble efforts have failed.

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4/16/2007 8:59:11 AM

Try this:

entry: close one day ago *0.98
maximum days: 2

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4/16/2007 10:54:30 AM

Thx for response Aktienfhnder;
I entered your suggestion into the Advanced Entry Box of the Backtest and still get selections that are not down by 2%. I'm not sure that the SF default of buy the next day open can be overidden. I did however check the box that seems to indicate an over ride. This seems like it should be so easy........

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