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9/26/2007 10:32:29 PM

I wonder if someone could help me program my Scott Trade Elite -Trade Idea Alert as follows.
Give an alert when MA crosses the MA5 line from above and the current volume exceeds the previous current volume by 3 timesor more a short time later.
If you take a look at NOEC on september 25 at about 10.18am and again at11.05amyou can see why I would want a heads up on the following volume spike.
Maybe I am asking for the combination to the Vault , but I thought it worth a shot.
Love all your posts, I am truly in awe of you generosity and smarts!

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9/26/2007 11:56:06 PM

Can't help you with your direct request but maybe someone else can......

I like this one for a daytrading fast panic selling, bounce and get out:

Paste into the Collaborate box within ScottradeElite/Trade-Ideas. Trade at your own risk.

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9/27/2007 12:11:41 AM

I think there are Trade-Ideas forums other than using StockFetcher as the platform. Consider posting your question there.

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9/28/2007 9:06:10 PM

Thanks a bunch!

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10/10/2007 11:02:24 AM

NOT easy to use.
Too much stuff flashing, scrolling etc. !
Scottrade must have a limited version of Trade Ideas 'cause I'm having a helluva time changing the pre-set stuff.

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10/11/2007 11:08:05 PM

What are you wanting to do? You can decrease the scroll rate by simply adding a couple of restrictions to the scan ie: increase the min. vol or the min/max price. Let me know what you would like Trade Ideas to do and I will help , if I can.

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10/11/2007 11:20:39 PM

It appears there is no way to save a message in progress .
I just lost a lenghty reply to you while going back to check the spelling of you name!
Anywhay maybe this will improove my typing.
I do agree, ST elite is very complicated. they are very helpfull with regards to the elite but not at all helpful with the Trade Idea platform since it is a outside program.
The TI website itself is a nightmare to navigate (outdate links, confusing commands etc) their free program is no better than the Elite version and I would assume that the pay version is even more complicated.
I worries me that when someone as experienced as you seem to be has programming problems.
I have about 6 TI and Elite scanners running along with the HOD list for ST and not one of them picked up the 138% runup of CTEL today!
Don't get me wrong' I get my share of runners and if nothing else i catch them on the dip, but something like CTEL ought to jump out bigtime.
That of course is the Holy Grail.
I do agree that this china thing is a timebomb waiting to happen because we are dealing with Chinese companies in a western mindset.
I would be less worried if we had the Chinese themselves invest over here.That would be a nice ride up, before some would pay the piper.
BTW I posted a reply on your ANOTHER1999 post in (last month? I dont dare to look as I might loose this again)
Anyway I think it would take someone like TRO to unravel the mysteries of Trade Ideas. I am still looking for a filter that catches the runners in real time.
Thanks for all you help. it is very much appreciated by this newbie.

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10/14/2007 2:03:09 AM

Hi ds 2007
Sorry but I overlooked your msge. thanks for your offer.
I am in hope that there is a function within TI that would allow it to generate a list of say 10 of the best potential runners as contained in the scan generated on 10. 12 with a filter posted by chetron on 10.11 but in a real time basis. I believe that filter looked back and found those 70 + stocks to be used at a later date. A watch list so to speak.
This appearently is a filter originally conceived be TRO if I am correct.
All of those stocks show major advances over a short time span.
Could the the initial first surge in the first minute of a run coupled with a volume increase not be used? ( Probably to simple with to many alerts)
I seem to be getting some pretty good hits on the Elite High Low list, but not on TI. I see others in a chat room call out some runners sometime before I see them on my indicators. Some of this may be past experience, in other words they know that stock to be a likely runner and are anticipating the run. Many times I do not see them at all.
Like CTEL, did not show up until it had almost reached the top.
So rather than predicting runners based on past behaviour, i.e. 52 week highs, I would like to catch the volatile stocks that might have found resistance and SURGE with big one minute spreads. ( big spikes during the first couple of minutes).
Again CTEL had some HUGE 1 minute highs and lows which could have been a tipoff in the first one or two minutes that big increases (or decreases) where likely. I guess I am looking for super volatility?
Anyway when I see some of the incredible filters that are created here on SF I know I must be looking at this to simplisticly.
Hope I hear from you.

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