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1/21/2016 4:45:31 PM


Any ideas on how we can take advantage of the current market depreciation? Any good filters out there?

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1/22/2016 1:54:44 AM

Bulls are fixing to take control.

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1/22/2016 11:45:52 AM

Yeah, throw a dart at the top 30 and you will find it. Any fundamentally sound company's that shows on your favorite filter as being ready to pounce on should be the logical ones to pick. But, don't bet your entire stash on them at this point. Still use caution. China, and other parts of the world is still in turmoil. You should play the short term game until the major countries have straightened out their problems. Happy investing!

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1/22/2016 4:24:41 PM

I use Stockopedia to screen for viable candidates for long term investment.

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1/22/2016 6:26:52 PM

I like finance, XLF, KRE, or just go long XIV @ 19, Could be 35 within 2 months

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1/23/2016 3:01:46 AM

When the market starts to take a dump these are some good ETF's that counter the sell off's. Most of these are good when the market take's a dump and some are counter to the market dump that show when the Bulls start to come back into the market.
Study them and run this symlist once a day. While the rest of the market take a dump one can get into some very good gains. Go back and look at every time the market has pulled back in the last 2 years that most of these ETF stock have made some really good gains while the market was taking a dump.
Just saying!

symlist(bis , spxs ,spxu,sqqq,tecs,srty,tza,vixy,zbio, vxx,TVIX ,uvxy,viix ,labd , spy,spxl , qqq , faz, fas)
Chart-time is 4 months
add column average day range(30)
Draw MACD Fast Line(3,10,16)
draw MACD Fast Line(2,7,16)
Draw ema(4)
Draw ema(10)

set{myOSC, EMA(2) - EMA(7)}
set{myOSCtrend, CMA(myOSC,16)}
draw myOSC
draw myOSC line at 0
draw CMA(myOSC,16)

Draw MACD Fast Line(12,26,9)
Draw Bollinger Band(20,2)
Draw RSI(14) line at 70
Draw RSI(14) line at 50
Draw RSI(14) line at 30

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1/29/2016 2:51:51 PM

Using Mactheriverrat's screen with a few modifications I kind of like FAS now.

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