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4/10/2007 10:20:22 PM

A few of you have inquired about my trading setup in the past and this comes pretty damn close to what I would look for in a daily chart, if I were a swing or a position trader. Unfortunately, however, I'm a day trader. But then you knew that already. <8^)

This filter will essentially get you in the action early, just as the rally is getting under way. Of course, nothing can be taken for granted and it comes with no guarantee of anyone's satisfaction. You have been duly warned.

draw keltner band(7)
draw Bollinger Band(17,2)
draw ema(30)
draw weekly ma(10)
draw return line at 70
draw return line at 30

set{lo, min(ema(30),weekly ma(10))}
set{hi, max(ema(30),weekly ma(10))}
set{diff, hi - lo}
set{ratio, diff / lo}
ratio below 0.05
ma(10) below lo

sign(opcl) equals 1
price crossed above ma(10)
return crossed above 70

price above 5
avgvol(17) above 300000

/*close position within a 1-month price range"*/
set{hi1mo,high 1 month high}
set{lo1mo,low 1 month low}
set{cllo1mo,close - lo1mo}
set{hilo1mo,hi1mo - lo1mo}
set{diff1,cllo1mo / hilo1mo}
set{%gain1mo,diff1 * 100}

/*close position within a 2-month price "range"*/
set{hi2mo,high 1 month high 1 month ago}
set{lo2mo,low 1 month low 1 month ago}
set{cllo2mo,close 1 month ago - lo2mo}
set{hilo2mo,hi2mo - lo2mo}
set{diff2,cllo2mo / hilo2mo}
set{%gain2mo,diff2 * 100}

/*close position within a 3-month price "range"*/
set{hi3mo,high 1 month high 2 month ago}
set{lo3mo,low 1 month low 2 month ago}
set{cllo3mo,close 2 months ago - lo3mo}
set{hilo3mo,hi3mo - lo3mo}
set{diff3,cllo3mo / hilo3mo}
set{%gain3mo,diff3 * 100}

/*EMA calc.*/
set{return1,%gain2mo + %gain3mo}
set{return2,return1 / 2}
set{return3,%gain1mo - return2}
set{return4,return3 * 0.6667}
set{return,return4 + return2}

do not draw ma(10)
do not draw opcl
do not draw body
do not draw ratio
do not draw hi
do not draw lo

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