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4/10/2022 4:33:58 PM

I need help in converting volatility band indicator into stockfetcher filter.

study(title="EMA Envelope Max Min Extremes with Range Contraction Signal VII", shorttitle="Env", overlay=true)

len = input(20, title="Length", minval=1)

a = close - ema(close, len)
b = iff(a < 0, a * -1, a)
d = ema(b, len)

basis = ema(close, len)

upper = basis + d
lower = basis - d

max = max(upper, close)
smooth = ema(max, len)
min = min(close, lower)
smooth2 = ema(min, len)

smaa = ema(smooth2, len)
smaa2 = ema(smooth, len)

rising = rising(smooth2, len / 5)
falling0 = falling(smooth, len / 5)
wedge = iff(rising and falling0, smooth, na)
wedge2 = iff(rising and falling0, smooth2, na)
plot(wedge, style=plot.style_linebr, linewidth=3)
plot(wedge2, style=plot.style_linebr, linewidth=3)

range = smooth - smooth2
falling = falling(range, len)
falling2 = iff(falling, close, na)
plot(falling2, style=plot.style_linebr, linewidth=3)


StockFetcher Forums · Filter Exchange · Converting TV indicator into scan filter<< >>Post Follow-up

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