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1/4/2006 6:25:38 PM

I don't want to argue about DMA(28,-14), I only want to make sure everyone knows exactly what it is. Any backtest of a displaced MA is never going to be wrong. Here's why!

Take a look at the following annotated chart:

Now, run this StockFetcher filter:

x crossed above y

offset 5
stock is optionable
average volume(30) above 1000000

We are clearly telling SF that we want to know when the EMA(13) crossed over the DMA(28,-14). If you click on any stock in the list and pull up the chart, you'll notice that the bottom chart doesn't show the crossover. Why is that? Because on that day, the EMA(13) crossed the forward plotted DMA(28,-14) but that plot has changed as more days have been added to the chart.

There maybe something to research regarding the forwarded plotted DMA(28,-14). However, please do NOT backtest it and believe the results!

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1/4/2006 6:49:36 PM

Glad to see people FINALLY catching on !


alf44 [Ignore] 12/4/2005 12:47:56 AM

Moving Averages LAG !

Displaced Moving Averages LAG Moving Averages !!!



I mean NO disrespect...I'm just speaking from YEARS of experience !!!




I then posted this...

alf44 [Ignore] 12/4/2005 2:08:22 AM

...I understand that DMA's serve to "center" the MA under price...

...I understand that DMA's serve to "de-trend" the price data...

...I understand that DMA's can "visually" keep you closer to Price than MA's...

...I understand that in terms of "a 28 day cycle" you want to "displace the MA" at half the cycle length (ie. -14)...

...I understand ALL these things !

I'm VERY familiar with DMA's !

But, to say there is something the realm of "seeing into the future" or some other "magic" just ain't so !

Sorry !!!



--------------------- only took a MONTH for you people to catch on ! LOL



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1/4/2006 6:52:36 PM

I totally agree. I have been playing around with dma(28,-14) and dma(24,-14) results are pretty similar.

Filter results are pretty astonishing, especially when ema(13) and dma(28,-14) are moving against each other 2 or 3 consecutive days. TRO and Riggs helped with this I still need to plot the differences in dma and ema over the last x number of days...

Try this out I am sure yours are similar... TSF not quite working yet but I would say a good watch list is those where tsf has crossed below dma(28,-14) and trigger somewhere just after waiting for green on the ema(13) crossover

Sorry for the forced cut and paste...

Show stocks where 10 day slope of DMA(28,-14)is above 0 and
EMA(3)crossed below DMA(28,-14)within the last 3 days and
DMA(28,-14)is more than 5% above close and average volume(90)is above 300000 and volume is above 100000 and close is above 2 and draw EMA(3)draw EMA(13)draw and add column DMA(28,-14) and add column tsf and add column ema(13) and sort column 6 and offset 0 days
and price is between 3 and 50
draw rsi(2)
draw macd

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1/4/2006 8:21:28 PM

The DMA(28,-14) is simply a 14 period simple moving average. No less. This was confirmed in an email that I received from Tom in tech support. Logic should tell ANY reasonable person that the DMA(28,-14) has no forecasting value. THINK ABOUT IT...the -14 means you offset todays 28 period simple moving average 14 days ago. How can you trade that? All you are looking at today...the day that a 14 period SMA. So many have been so enthralled by the historical plot of this indicator that they left the brains behind when they entered the door. I have e-mailed Tom in tech support to please adjust the indicators so they cannot back plot. have been conspicuously quiet on this whole matter.

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1/4/2006 9:09:45 PM

"conspicuously quiet" ??? you mean like YOU and EVERYONE ELSE here...when I first posted about the FOLLY of DMAs as being some sort of "magical crystal ball into the future" ?

Where were ALL you characters a MONTH ago ?

You people freaking crack me up !!!



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1/4/2006 9:21:23 PM

Ah, the ignore feature is nice! I see that there is a message ignored after my last post. It has to be either the "mighty" riggs vigorously defending his magical crystal ball or the obnoxious alf.

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1/4/2006 9:35:53 PM


YOU spent a DAY-AND-HALF pestering Tom via Emails to explain Displaced Moving Averages !

NOW...I ask you...who is the obnoxious one ? LOL

Did I mention that it was I...that suggested and persuaded Tom and SF to add DMAs to the StockFetcher arsenal...uhhh...YEARS AGO !!!

Like I said earlier...

I'm glad to see you people FINALLY catching on !

It only took you a freaking MONTH !!!



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1/4/2006 9:44:11 PM

...OH...and by the way, max...

...nice try on the "ignore charade" but you ain't fooling nobody !

You're reading every word I post !!! ROFL



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1/4/2006 9:49:50 PM

Wow, I tried to point this out earlier as well with the backtest results but Riggs jumped all over me. When you get a stock to appear in a filter today with a positive DMA slope, this will not likely continue to be the case when you go back and look at it 30 days as the backtests do! If you look at a backtest say 15 days ago, it shows the actual result after the 14 day "forward" period and the slope is usually negative. This is why the results of the backtesting do not represent the real world. If SF could freeze the backtest to show the actual DMA that day it would be nice, but it does not happen. I know others are having success trading this and I wish you the best but I personally like to understand if a system really works before trading it.



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1/5/2006 1:17:20 AM

When will you clowns ever learn. "DMA IS THE ONLY WAY" If I was allowed to show you my bosses trading accound, it would blow your minds! And it's all due to DMA! So say what you will, "Back", "forward" or whatever, it doesn't matter! Because I seem to see things the clowns don't. Yeah, and do you notice it's always the "same ole' sorry ass clowns!" LOL....

DMA is the ONLY way!

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