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2/20/2010 3:16:24 PM

SF Peeps,
Has anyone attempted to code DeMark Indicators from the Jason Perl Book on DeMark Indicators (not to be confused with DeMarker) into Stockfetcher besides me? This is fairly powerful stuff from what I've observed. TOS has the feature, but will not allow you to scan for stocks in a TD Sell Setup State or TD Combo state...

I've coded TD Sell Setup which is pretty easy:

show stocks where count(close is above close four days ago, 9) equals 9
/* Y' - "flip up" technically, if today is day 9 of the sell setup, 8 days ago is day 1*/
and where close 8 days ago above close 12 days ago
/* X' "flip down" */
and close 9 days ago below close 13 days ago

However, the concept of coding a TD Sell Combo is more elusive. A combo is defined as the above followed by 13 closes above the close two days prior. Each time a close is above the close two days prior, it counts. You do this until you get to 13. Combo day 1 could be adjacent to combo day two, or a week away. All your doing is counting the times a close is above the close two days ago until you get to thirteen.

The issue I'm having is trying to use stockfetcher to not start counting until the TD Sell Setup is complete. And since the TD Sell Combo counts are not adjacent to one another, it's impossible to say when to start the TD Sell Setup count.

Can you tell stockfetcher to do such and such 100 days ago and if a condition is met, start doing the next thing?

It's obviously a complicated task, but I'd be delighted to explain if someone can help me piece something together.

University of Michigan

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2/20/2010 5:22:58 PM

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2/20/2010 9:53:52 PM

Thanks for pointing me back to that thread. The first handful of responses were not very useful and I haven't posted much, so I thought it was a red herring. Much obliged for the information!


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