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9/17/2009 7:25:07 PM

Thanks all for the help and ideas. Kev are u out of ETFC? Durgin --- Would'nt this filter out overbought ETF'S with the RSI so high?

I think he's filtering for shorts ... however, you will see that when one of these is above 99, the inverse is below 1.

Where you need to be careful in using the inverse or leveraged ETFs (which are the ones that are below 1 at the moment) is that there is a well-documented decay in their price due to daily resets. They are fine for short timeframes (like a few days to weeks) but don't hold them for much longer.

Still in ETFC - I'm an optimist!

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9/17/2009 7:48:10 PM

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I would look at modifying your exit criteria. To sell when the close crosses above 70 on the RSI(2) is too soon. I would think that you could do better if you reversed this - "close when the RSI(2) crosses below 70 from above". Then it can run for a while on strength.


Kevin, that is a really smart exit strategy. I'm keeping that one!

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9/17/2009 8:21:23 PM

Yes, it would focus on "overbought" ETFs. That is not a bad thing even though the term implies that it is. Stocks can remain overbought for months and I remember seeing an article from "Stocks & Commodities" magazine that found overbought stocks generally perform better than oversold stocks. Also, there is a lot of research supporting the idea that stocks with high comparative relative strength outperform the market.

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