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8/5/2009 7:44:13 PM

After researching/looking up other fibonacci filters in here, i noticed that 95% of the stocks that retrace back to the 0.000 fib down line run for a good 2-15 days yielding % gains of 10-100% (close between .5 and 20). I have been trying to write (with no luck) a fibonacci down filter to capture these. I need some help and believe the results will be well worth it. Here is what I am looking for:

set a high (either 13 week, 26 week or 52 week) within the last 1-2 months which would be set as the fibonacci down(100,40) 1.000 mark.
I cannot seem to figure out how to set a certain high at a past date as the 1.000 mark. (I want to do this because SF doesn't always find a good 1.000 high mark.

then have the fib down bounce of the 0.618, 0.500, 0.382, and 0.000 retracement lines. ie(low touched fibonacci down(100,40) 0.000 - I can not get this to filter anything

if you throw in use of the Weekly Williams %R(2) and Weekly RSI(2) to find bottoms, this will produce great runs from either the .62, .5, .38, 0 mark depending on where the Weekly Billy & RSI are.

Thanks in Advance for any help.

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8/7/2009 11:10:59 PM

A is the lowest low (think March lows) B is the high of the run, C is the pullback pivot.
the T are price targets....the stop is a few ticks below C.

Fetcher[ /*EMANS ABC Pattern Display 2.0*/

close is above 1
volume > 500000
set{1h, high 100 day high}
set{1L, low 150 day low}
set {AB, 1h - 1L}
set{C, low 30 day low}
set{ch, C / 1H}
set{dch, 1 - ch}
set{R%, dch * 100}
set{AB038, AB * 0.38}
set{AB05, AB * 0.5}
set{T1, C + AB038}
set{T2, C + AB05}
set{T_3, C + AB}
set{up, C / close}
set{upd, 1 - up}
set{%up, upd * 100}
set{Cdays, count(low > C, 20)}

R% < 100
R% > 20

add column 1L {A}
add column 1h {B}

add column C
add column Cdays
add column AB
add column T1 {entry}
add column T2
add column T_3

add column R% {retrace%}
add column %up {% from C}
add column ind
sort column 13 descending

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8/7/2009 11:22:04 PM

Like this..........

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