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8/6/2003 11:46:25 AM

I posted in a previous thread a filter for one week returns and a variation. I have been reading many posts regarding using rsi(2) by the Holy Grail poster and decided to study some possibilities, but using weekly filter. Here is one variation that I have developed that frankly gives some very high % returns, even in some bad market conditions. On some days it gives only a few returns but other days it gives more than one could deal with in a moderate portfolio. It probably could be improved upon with the following changes: average volume changes; volume comparisons, etc. I believe it is better than the one posted in the previous posting in terms of % return.

Here is the filter:

Fetcher[Show stocks where close is near lower bollinger band(20) and weekly rsi(2) is above weekly rsi(2) one day ago and weekly rsi(2) one day ago is below weekly rsi(2) two days ago and price is between 5 and 25 and average volume(9) is above 50000]

I am also working on some other variations which I may post later. I am also still working on a short filter that works. Ideally I would like about three weekly filters that give a reasonable number of stocks, use different methodologies, give excellent results in bull markets, and can survive in bear markets by giving no filter pick returns or stocks that don't kill you. It is the unexpected event that can kill you and I am not sure stops will help that much in a fast moving market.

Anyway, please try the filter, and then see if you can recommend improvements.

PS: I am not a day trader and I would like to thank the Holy Grail poster for the idea of rsi(2). I know there have been kudos and complaints re his postings but if I can get one good idea from anyone's postings, they deserve my thanks.

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8/6/2003 8:06:31 PM

HI JIM, PLEASE ,this is just my opinion, for whatever it's worth, but i've been trading many,many years and rsi2 combined with lower bb's,in whatever way you use them in your filter(s)is the best combination i've ever seen,it takes alot for me to say that,BTW you are to be commended on your hard work and sharing of your filters, P.S. good luck on your short filters,they are very tough to find,regards , MUDDY

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8/6/2003 8:58:16 PM


You are welcome.

It seems like a few SF users have fattened their wallets and purses using RSI(2) and Linear Regression. That was the point.



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8/7/2003 5:56:23 PM

Yes thanks Jim for a job well done; I have messed around with variations on yours and it looks really promising. Will share them with you if I get anything good.....

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8/7/2003 10:36:15 PM

How bout this one 4 a bounce, Show stocks where volume gained more than 350 percent over Average volume (90) and Average volume (90) is greater than 50000 and price is greater than .2 and volume is greater than 200000 and close is near lower bollinger band(20)

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8/7/2003 11:30:13 PM

Muddytracks filter:
I like the filter in a bull market but in a bear market it probably should not be used. This is generally true for most filters I have seen posted. We still in stockfetcher need the ability to refer to an index and its behavior.

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