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2/10/2004 7:33:01 AM

I need to find a way to filter for Greater than a particular slope angle or percent increase of the EMA(34) over a specific number of days.

Can someone suggest something?



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2/13/2004 2:24:39 PM

Assuming your "number of days" is 15, and the percent change you want is at least 10%, does this do the trick?

set{oldema,ema(34) 15 days ago}
set{diff,newema - oldema}
set{pctchg,diff / oldema}
add column diff
add column pctchg
draw oldema
draw newema
pctchg > .1
and price between 2 and 20
and average volume(30) > 250000

Obviously, changing the price range and volume to suit your needs...

This returned over 170 matches from last night's close, so I'm assuming (a) the time frame and/or % change is way off [I just took a stab in the dark...], or (b) you have other criteria?

This also assumes you are looking for the average slope over the period, and not for each individual day. (Although, the later could be done in a similar manner, with a whole lot more tedium!)

I'd be interested in hearing what you plan on doing with this. (I'm always open to new ideas...)



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