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9/18/2008 3:48:15 PM

I made one before but did not get any good answers :-)

I am looking for a filter which is good for holding a stock for "1-5 days" and there is plenty of filters in here like elder ray, black belt, TRO gap and ultimate confirmation... but I have tried to test them out and the best results was black belt..

But I dont really know.. which filter do you use and which filter do you "trust" and believe mostly in ? If you know a really good filter for holding a stock 1-5 days I would be gladly to see it and test it.

I would love that somebody would help me with this filter !

Thank you a lot in here for great postes

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9/18/2008 4:00:24 PM

It looks also that TRO scan for swing traders work a bit, but is there not any better filters out there ? please help thank you

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9/18/2008 5:27:43 PM


There are NOT...LOL!

You need to focus on HOW TO TRADE more that WHAT TO TRADE.

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9/18/2008 5:35:19 PM


I am sure that you are right, but you know if you are working all day long and havent time to look at the stocks 10 times a day, then you need to buy a stock and hold it for at least 3 days.... thats what I wanted.

And I tell you thats because I am not investing with a HUGE amount of money and then the trading bank will take money every time I trade. Thats why I want some stocks to move more than 1% before I sell if you understand ?

It could be really nice with a filter which filter stock which are on the MOVE for the next 1-3 days..


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