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1/23/2006 5:34:18 PM


I just want to congratule you on a great filter !! Ive followed this the last couple of days and it's awesome. Some may get turned off by "overbought" levels but those are also the ones that have a tendency to have the greatest upwards movement. Jesse livermore made a career out of trading stocks that made new 5 year highs. Also if you look at RSI on some of the best performers it is above 70 and stays there for awhile. So thank you for this filter. I myself use a modified CANSLIM method that picks stocks making new 5 year highs but with price multiples less than 2. There is so much knowledge on this board. I made alot of $$$$$$ trading value/growth securities and I dont think Im smart enough to put these filters together lol!!

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1/23/2006 6:17:11 PM

Thanks for taking notice. Moreover, I appreciate your input.

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1/25/2006 2:46:51 AM

"I myself use a modified CANSLIM method that picks stocks making new 5 year highs but with price multiples less than 2."

What is a price multiples of less than 2. Or maybe I should ask what is a price multiple?
With a internet search I see price multiple are "Price to a Variable" like P/E, P/BV and P/sales Ratio.
So do you mean P/e < 2 and 5 year high. Or I guess it could me P/P (my son would be laughing at that one.) Price / Price < 2 over 5 years. So a stock would have not double in the last five years.
Thanks TheConfusedOne

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1/25/2006 2:16:49 PM

What he means by "price multiple" is most likely to be p/e multiple. I always hear a basketcase of Wall Street clairvoyants in their otherwise poor judgments banter about how such and such company is trading at ridiculously low multiple but for all practical purposes they yield astronomical returns.

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5/13/2010 7:44:15 PM

re this thread... is it possible to add the two following parameters to the scan below?
forecast.oscillator crossed above cema(8) today and
1 day ago, days since forecast.oscillator above cema(8)

Thanks for any help and ideas -much appreciated!

Fetcher[set{lri18, lri(60) one day ago}
set{lrs18, lrs(60) one day ago}
set{tsf, lri18 + lrs18}
set{fo2, close - tsf}
set{fo1, fo2 divided by close}
set{Forecast.Oscillator, fo1 * 100}
set{CEMA<8>, cema(Forecast.Oscillator, 8)}
draw Forecast.Oscillator
draw CEMA<8> on plot Forecast.Oscillator
and apply to symlist(FNSR)

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5/14/2010 3:20:32 AM

I posted the Hughes Oscillator and got not one comment, even from over-indulgent people like riggs??? How come? I'm not saying it's better, but it got last week upside turn right, which is pretty good I guess?

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