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11/12/2003 1:05:36 PM

If anyone is interested you can signup for a free account with Investopedia and then papertrade with the $100,000 they place in your account. They rank the players by the returns they are able to generate so this might be a nice way to compare some S.F. filters against one another and against strategies that non-S.F. traders are using...

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11/12/2003 4:18:37 PM

Yea this is great. Took it to my class last night and we are going to be using it as a learning aid.

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11/24/2003 4:35:51 PM

Quick question...
I'm trying to find a FAQ on this site but don't see much.

Do they have rules about "a stock must be x dollars to be traded here" or "You may only place this many trdes per day/week" ??

Can you set stops with them?

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11/25/2003 2:42:17 PM

Yes it will not allow trades on stocks below $1.
Yes you can set stops, sell short, and use limit orders.
There are 13,828 players in the default game.
776 in the beginners game.
The top ranked portfolio is up 214% this week.
I think you may have to sign in to get to the game rules.

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11/25/2003 4:58:03 PM

I have tried to use this sight but have run into a few problems. Especially when it comes to filling stops. Sometimes there is a long delay (hours) even when it is a market stop. Also, I tried to exit a position this morning at 7:00 est and it wouldn't let me because of volume rules. I can understand why they have that rule but it should only pertain to entering a stock.

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11/25/2003 6:58:38 PM

Many of these sim sites have software problems. If they were pay sites I would expect better service.
This one seems to be exceptionally poor though.
Early this morning I put in a market sell and I see it still hasn't executed and the order is apparently lost.
I put in 3 limit buys that did not execute until the close.
Seems to be set up strictly for the end of day trader.
I was using this for a class I'm involved with but it seems it may be worthless for what I am looking for.

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11/26/2003 1:15:03 AM


Too bad it's too crappy, anyone else with any of these sim/contest sites?

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