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8/13/2004 12:21:55 AM

I was getting a little tired of searching Users guide and StockFetcher forum to locate how a particular command functions so, I have created a rough draft of a document that contains all the StockFetcher commands (that I am aware of)

The format still needs work. If you see anything missing please let me know. I hope to have it automatically update as SF posts new message in the forum.

Enjoy :)

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8/16/2004 2:45:02 PM

Just incase anyone is interested I made several updates to the command list to make each command clickable from the command index and fixed a few of the many formatting issues.

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8/17/2004 5:48:36 PM


2004-aug-17 - yepher
Added PVI
Added NVI
Added Bollinger %B

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8/17/2004 6:38:00 PM

Thanks for all your work in the stockfetcher command website. Could I make a suggestion that the dark blue background is hard to read. It would help if the fonts were in white or lighter than the dark background.



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8/17/2004 6:59:39 PM


I, too, would like to thank you for all the work you've done for SF subscribers. And I, too, agree with Dick; the text in the dark blue background is a bit hard to read; it would help a lot if the color of the text was white (or any light color) (in contrast to the dark blue background). Other than that, the rest of it looks good, and useful, and user friendly.



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8/18/2004 12:37:19 PM

Many thanks for your efforts in compiling the Commands Manual. It is truly appreciated.
Regarding the blue background on the html format, brought up by some, I would like to suggest that you download the pdf file, which puts everyting on white background.
I am a bit puzzled though, about the coarse font of the "description" paragraphs in the new pdf file.

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8/19/2004 1:03:34 PM

Sorry about the blue background. It is now a white background.

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8/21/2004 9:24:08 AM

Great job !

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8/21/2004 3:02:42 PM

Very impressive !!!

What an effort ! Thanks !


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8/22/2004 2:37:50 PM

I think Stock Fetcher should give you a free 1 yr. subscription!

Thank you!


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