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8/30/2003 5:00:49 PM

CORRECTION: This filter corrects & improves the above filter results.


high is above 14 day high 1 day ago and lrs(45) is above 0 and ma(4) crossed above upper keltner band(14) and 14 day slope of rsi(14) is below 30 and close is between 1 and 7

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8/31/2003 3:00:54 AM

Nice results. I'd be interested in what the intent of the filter is. It appears that you are interested in stocks that have made a new high then pulled back the following session. I'm assuming that some of the other indicators that I'm not familiar with are there to confirm strength? And why did you choose 14 days? I like the idea of a correction the following day this gives stochastics on the hourly chart the opportunity to become oversold and allow the stock to bounce up off of intraday MA or other support the next day. TIA

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8/31/2003 11:11:58 AM

1. Breaking the previous high/resistance
is the first signal of continued upward trend.
Longer periods are O.K..
(I chose 14 because it indicates that
there are good volatile swings in this stock)

2. Upward linear regression slope(LRS) ensures a longer period uptrend,
which we would like to have. Always trade with the primary trend.
It is not absolutely necessary to do this, but it narrows the results.

3. MA(4) is a short term moving average of the price.
When price crosses the Upper Keltner Band,
we have a breakout in upward volatility.
Using the MA(4) ensures a more strict breakout and reduces the chances of whipsaw signals.

4. RSI below 30 and sloping upward further strengthens the results.


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8/31/2003 11:38:47 AM

The RSI in the above correction has NO REAL AFFECT on the previous results. Sorry.

Slope of RSI<30 is almost always true.

We need something more like,

Slope of RSI>0 as in the first posting with the addition of RSI<30.

But no results are coming up RSI is usually high.

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8/31/2003 3:30:35 PM

Thanks for taking the time to explain the rationale for the screen. It's about what I suspected. Best of fortune.

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8/31/2003 11:24:37 PM

Very interesting filter!
What do you use as the signal for sell?

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