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1/1/2008 11:46:28 AM

Just wanted to share. I have had some really good trades recently with the GoGo filter. It was posted way back in 2003.

If you put GoGo filter into the search engine it will pop right up.

Recently ABPI came up on the sceen. It has been a very nice ride the last week or so.

Just an FYI for anyone interested in stocks in the $1.00-$7.00 range. Very happy with it so far.

Good investing and Happy New Year!

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1/1/2008 3:48:33 PM

Just a word of caution. I've been using both Bollinger and Keltner long enough to know that when the price shoots above the upper Keltner channel there's a greater chance for the stock to pull back. This is especially so when the upper Keltner penetrates above the upper Bollinger.

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1/1/2008 4:33:01 PM

Great advice! I have noticed Stochastics & MACD look extended, when the MA(4) crosses above the upper Keltner band.

I think a better way is to find a scan that will show a Bollinger band that has squeezed, and is just begining to expand & the price is near or below the lower B.B.. if nothing else the price should come back to at least the MA(21) or what ever MA is in the middle of your B.B. set up.

Thank you for your help!

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1/3/2008 10:57:41 AM


set{CCb,days(close is above close 1 day ago,100)}
set{CCa,days(close is below close 1 day ago,100)}
set{ClxCl , CCa - CCb}

add column ClxCl

/* Long Profit Percent Statistics Display */

set{volcnt, count(volume above 1000000, 100) }
set{volzero, count(volume equal 0, 100) }

set{HiOp, high - open}
set{Long_Profit, HiOp/open }

set{B1A, count(Long_Profit > .01 , 100)}
set{B2A, count(Long_Profit > .05, 100)}
set{B0010, B1A - B2A}

set{F1A, count(Long_Profit > .05 , 100)}
set{F2A, count(Long_Profit > .10, 100)}
set{F3040, F1A - F2A}

set{I100, count(Long_Profit > .10 , 100)}

set{ClOp, Close - open}
set{Close_Profit, ClOp/open }

set{CL1A, count(Close_Profit > .01 , 100)}
set{CL2A, count(Close_Profit > .05, 100)}
set{CL0010, CL1A - CL2A}

set{CX1A, count(Close_Profit > .05 , 100)}
set{CX2A, count(Close_Profit > .10, 100)}
set{CX3040, CX1A - CX2A}

set{C100, count(Close_Profit > .10 , 100)}

add column HiOp
add column Long_Profit {ProfitPct}

and add column B0010 {1_5}
and add column F3040 {5_10}
and add column I100 {10___}

and add column separator
add column ClOp
add column Close_Profit {ProfitPct}
and add column CL0010 {1_5}
and add column CX3040 {5_10}
and add column C100 {10___}

and add column separator
and add column volcnt
and add column volzero


high is above 14 day high 1 day ago
and lrs(45) is above 0
and ma(4) crossed above upper keltner band(14)
and 14 day slope of rsi(14) is below 30
and close is between 1 and 7

sort column 10 descending

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