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10/12/2007 5:26:21 PM

Looking for a good filter to find potential stock reversals under .10

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10/12/2007 11:23:03 PM

Wish I was a penny
Fetcher[price crossed above EMA(18) in the last one day
close below 1

Watch the support levels! you dont know which ones will go up, if breaks support, get out!

Pennny getter
Fetcher[EMA(18) crossed above MA(27) in the last 2 days
close below 1
close greater than open


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10/14/2007 12:24:21 PM


When using indicators on stocks under 1 and especially ones under .10 Stockfetcher can not be trusted for accuracy.
The reason being they only take the price 2 decimal places to the next nearest round number.

For example POTP closed at .0436 on 10/9
SF gives the price as .04
Maybe doesn't like a big deal but I use rsi(2) and calculated at .0436 rsi2 is 75.13 on Prophet but only 41.72 on SF,much lower because its calculated for a .04 close instead of the real close price, .0436.
So if you are looking for pennies that rsi2 was over say over 50 that day it would have not shown up when in fact it was way over 50 at 75.13.

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10/14/2007 9:13:05 PM

I have noticed that! and thank you for pointing it out, Maybe SF can remedy this situation!

I posted some picks, just to see how they would do based on my original trading system, you know, just for accountability!

Thanks 13th, your still the man!

Ive started cross referencing the piks with BigCharts, much more accurate with price!

I need to check, but I dont think BC has RSI 2 only RSI14

Pull up EPLI on BC and click on interative and display the SMA 3 and you will see what I am talking about!

GLE also!

see if this is accurate

SCON 8-20-07

HOD 1.59
RSI(14) @ 54.904

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