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11/11/2009 2:08:24 PM

SHLD's earnings are coming next week.
The move will be HUGE.
Please give me your opinions ... up or down?

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11/11/2009 2:29:19 PM

Previous moves have been mixed


Aug 20, 2009 $73.76 -13.46%
May 21, 2009 $50.19 +22.45%
Feb 23, 2009 $34.85 +8.89%
Dec 02, 2008 $31.84 +20.82%
Aug 28, 2008 $86.98 +4.82%
May 29, 2008 $89.36 -4.36%
Feb 28, 2008 $101.6 -3.47%
Nov 29, 2007 $116.34 -15.54%
Aug 30, 2007 $145.61 -4.99%
Aug 13, 2007 $133.1 +6.19%

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11/11/2009 3:00:36 PM

Wait for the announcement.

See which way the stocks moves (hopefully a big move).

Expect a reversion to the mean over the next few weeks. If it gaps up big, buy the now cheap Dec or Jan puts just below where the new price is. Buy calls with the same strategy if it gaps down.

Don't be greedy.

Don't guess.

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11/11/2009 4:49:28 PM

Down heavy.
They missed Q3 09 by 90%, (-92% 1 yr growth rate) with analysts putting a Q3 10 loss between .78 and 1.46 EPS and have lagged the industry in growth.
Watch this weeks IV drop. I think they will just miss the mean -1.09 on the top but but guide inline. I will be holding puts thru earnings then looking for the mar10 call. Sears does more in store business through christmas to sustain itself the rest of the year with mail order. If they do beat on both the top and bottom line........well, I wouldn't want to be holding too many puts.

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