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9/15/2007 1:54:44 AM

I don't believe SF has a linear regression channel which draws the uppper and lower lines based on standard deviations.

Could the following be used to solve this?

Custom Standard Deviation

You can now use the "cstddev()" function to create custom standard deviations on StockFetcher. Below are some examples:

show stocks where cstddev(high,20) reached a new 6 month high

set{body, abs(close - open)}
show stocks where body_dev is above 2.0

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9/15/2007 6:23:23 PM

I have posted before that I have found the slope of the 20 day linear regression
line as my key indicator for swing trading. It is fairly easy to understand. The best fitted line of the 20 day price will have its own slope. Each day a new line would be drawn. If the trend has been down the slope will be negative. I am looking for that reversal where it goes up.

Recently I added a requirement to my filter the the 45 day linear regression (via looking at the channel)also have a positive slope.

My settings draw the linear regression channel (45,1.0) and the linear regression(20) slope.

Here is the filter:

LRS(20) 2 days ago had been decreasing for 3 days and and LRS(20) is increasing for 2 days
slope of Linear Regression Channel(45,1.0) is above -.0001

I apply it to weekly further filtered IBD watch lists(per past posts from some SF gurus). I have had very good success, but back testing os impossible due to the everchanging IBD lists. I guess all of us who are using IBD100 lists and other IBD highly rated lists might experience success without any technical screening, but I guess we at least feel better about it when we combine these stocks with our concoctions of technical screens!

Any suggestions for improving my simple screen would be most welcome!

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