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5/30/2007 6:44:11 AM

Hello to everybody, I'm a big fan of this forum.

I'm wondering if someone can help me to write a trading systen with macd.

I'll like to find stock with MACD (normalize) is crossing, and the stock is close to the min of the last 50 days (exclately in the 30% of the range min max of the las t 50 days).
thank you in advance

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5/30/2007 10:06:25 PM

Hi...I've only been here a month or so although I've used the free stuff for a long time...Primary reason I joined is to specifically look for a few patterns that seem to be easier to find here than other places or as an addition to what I find elsewhere...So far I'm very satisfied with the value here. However, I have not taken the time to really learn the code writing yet except for a few...So I can't really help you much on your specific question.

However, if you are looking for MACD 12,26,9 Crossovers you may want to entertain a code that finds them just prior to crossing over so you can watch them...Doesn't help with your other variables but at Stockcharts I have a scan that finds those that just crossed over the MACD 10,20,5 and 6,13,4 and 2,13,12...But have not crossed over on the default 12,26,9...I've not kept firm track of the results, but I can confidently say that if the crossover line is not flat basing that 80% plus will crossover on the default...usually withing 3-5 days.

But MACD crossovers are not a guarantee that a stock is any good (and as I said it doesn't take other criteria into consideration...I check that separately)...But just a thought to set up a pre Crossover list...You could even set your other parameters to reduce the number that show up...I'm sure someone here can help...Best, Doug

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