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2/2/2005 11:53:57 PM

I have a stock group that I trade with in the mornings that use TradeNavigator, and are able to get an Average Daily Range & Beta function out of the software. In looking at Yepher's site, I still haven't been able to figure these two out and I'm hoping if someone would be so kind as to assist me with understanding this in stockfetcher?

In summary, I'm looking how to express:
- Average Daily Range (5)
- beta

Thank you -


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2/3/2005 12:31:24 AM

OK everyone, I think I got my answer on the Beta filter. It's not really possible right now, from what I'm reading here on the board. Sorry for not searching too thouroughly before posting that part of my question.

I'll also try this for ADR:

Fetcher[count(day point range is above 2.0,100)is above 70 and set{hi,high}and set{lo,low}and set{dif,hi - lo}and draw cma(dif,3)and do not draw dif and do not draw day point range]

Comments appreciated.



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2/3/2005 12:14:43 PM


- Average Daily Range(5) can be expressed as cma(day point range,5). There may be other ways...

- You do NOT need the set{hi,high} nor set{lo,low} in your posted filter. Simply use set{dif,high - low}. By using the additional set{}s, you are increasing the (SF perceived) complexity of the filter. It doesn't make much difference in this case, but if you start chaining (nesting) a lot of set{}s together it could easily make the difference between a filter that runs and one that doesn't.



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2/4/2005 10:49:46 AM

Thats in interesting filter. Plz. continue your findings as you come across them.

Trader Joe

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2/6/2005 5:18:08 AM

i am very interested in finding ADR as well, anything i can use for SF?


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