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11/6/2005 10:08:47 AM

I'm a new subscriber here and am learning how to write filters. I think there's probably an easier way to write the filter I'm working on. I'm making it too complicated. I suspect I need to set some variables, but I'm not quite that proficient yet.

____x___x x__x

x's are price here. Had to insert the _'s to get it to display correctly on the post.

This is what I'm trying to filter for, where the low is a 52 week low, it bounces a certain %, and then proceeds to a higher low.

I will add other indicators, but need to get the price action down first.

Any help would be appreciated.

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11/6/2005 11:18:59 AM

Humpbee -

You are not giving us much to go on, but one way to find what you are looking for is to find a stock that HAS that price pattern, and then go to the home page and look for "symbol analyze." Then, enter the stock synbol. Now on the next page near the bottom you will see "30-day price pattern", "90-day price pattern" etc, etc. There are usually at least 10-20 other symbol's with that same price pattern. That's a start, but if I remember right, 'THERUMPLEDONE' was able to help someone else with the same criteria some time ago. In case you already haven't noticed, he is this sites best programmer IMO. Give him a little time, and I'm sure he'll go to work for you. Sorry I couldn't be more help, but in the mean time, I'll start searching for that pattern myself until 'TRO'can find just what you're looking for.


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11/8/2005 12:43:11 PM

I'm not much of a programmer but here is a rudimentary one for you.
It returns the ones you want but also many that meet your criteria but are not what you are loking for.You might try a shorter than 52 week low for the bottom.
Fetcher[close today is greater than open yesterday
and the ema(40) today is less than the ema(40) 40 days ago
and low yesterday is greater than the low 52 week low
and low today is greater than the low yesterday
and the low 2 days ago is greater than the low yesterday
and the high 3 days ago is greater than the high today
and close yesterday is below the high 60 day high yesterday

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