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12/28/2014 3:28:42 PM

I am brand new to SF and after utilizing and tweaking some of the available fetchers, I would like help developing a fetcher to find stocks whose support and resistant prices have been the same for at least six months and the distance from the support to resistance is at least 10%.

My logic for wanting this sort of fetcher is from a swing trader perspective. Iím fairly new to trading and due to a 9-5, I am unable to spend a lot of time day trading. I believe if a stockís support and resistance price has been the same for at least six months, then it would continue to be that way into the near future. Furthermore, if distance from the support price to the resistance price is at least 10%, then I would be able to swing trade these stocks (long & short) locking in a minimum 10% in gains; sort of like riding a roller coaster up/down, etc.

Is anyone willing to help me with this? My programing skills are limited to python and as I mentioned in the beginning; I'm brand-new to this site. Any help and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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12/28/2014 3:57:52 PM

Here is something to start with that may head you in the right direction.

Fetcher[ show stocks where price is below resistance(120,10)
and price is above support(120,10,1)
Chart-time is 9 months
price is above 1
volume is above 500000
Draw ema(13)

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12/28/2014 5:51:42 PM

Thanks for your help, this seems to fetch every stock who's price is currently in between their support and resistance prices. I am not really concerned about the stocks price per se but more so with whether its support and resistance prices has been the same for 6 months or more. Hopefully (once working) what it will show are stocks that are moving sideways and not necessarily in an up or down trend. I am unfamiliar with coding/wording format of SF and I will spend more time reviewing current code already on the site and try to figure out how mines should look to produce the results I want. Again thanks for your help.

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