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3/18/2010 2:13:23 PM

So I have been flirting and experimenting with daily gainers. The filter that I run after the market has closed is,

Fetcher[price is between 15 and 50
volume > 1,000,000
day change > 4
market not OTCBB
add column Average Volume(90)

For example the results from yesterday:

All of them had gained 4 or more percent yesterday. Mostly all of them today are red. If anyone could had entered a BASKET order for all of these stocks - he/she could had made some decent money. I have not taken this strategy live yet- I will try it out tomorrow, and share the results. However, if you offset the above filter and look at the results it gives you, you will notice that mostly all of the gainers went red the next day. What is the flaw in this strategy? Has anyone ever tried this? I want to backtest this strategy, but I am unable to do so on stockfetcher because it enters the trades as soon as the stock went 4 percent or above and does not wait for the next day open. Any suggestions?

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3/18/2010 2:15:39 PM

Also, if the stock gaps down the next day, you will wait for about 10 minutes to close the gap before you decide to short. If the stock gaps up, short it - just watch the level two's for a good entry

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3/18/2010 3:38:15 PM

GME,FSNR, NAV, BGE , HNT and CAGC are on the list today for PUTS

I bought GME 22 APR PUT at $1.45 this was at the top of LR line and high today was 22.11.

I will see how this plays out.

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