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6/21/2006 7:18:14 AM

I personally don't think I would, not because I don't want to help others, but because I do. And if I developed such system, I would start my own fund
Would you? Have you ever seen the "hoops" you have tyo jump through to set up a fund? It's not easy nor cheap at all. No wonder most good traders do not even bother.

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6/21/2006 11:09:42 AM

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modified 6/21/2006 5:53:14 AM

I have found - thanks to the contribution of TheRumpledOne to this forum - one of the best filters I have ever tested. So I would like to share it with others. It is based on RSI(2). But it is valid for 1-2 days only. Basically, I watch the stocks which has RSI(2) between 1 and 3. If RSI(2) drops below 0.2 by the end of the following trading day, then the approach is to buy it and hold it. Then it is sold by the end of the next trading day.

Hi ashraf999,
let me understand more closely. If rsi(2) was yesterday between 1 nad 3(calculated with close price) and today just before market close is the rsi(2) below 0.2 you buy close to closing price. Than you sell next day. Right?

I looked at it and the only disadvantage is that it produces very few hits.

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6/22/2006 2:50:10 AM

Yes that is what I meant.

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10/8/2006 11:26:08 AM

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so on this premise why aren't you?
When I see someone selling trading systems, the first thing I think is "if it was any good then why aren't you on a tropical island or beach?"

Heading to CABO today for Sammy Hagar's Birthday Bash!



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