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10/27/2003 1:13:19 PM

OK now I just bought TSYS at 5.08.
The RSI(2) is at 7
We will see if my beginner's luck is always with me.

P.S. I forgot to say to always place a stop loss order after buying a stock.

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10/27/2003 1:35:03 PM

Looks like some price support in the 4.80 range for TSYS. Also, that is where 50% linear regression is at today. Hope you embark on very profitable trading!!!

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10/27/2003 5:34:33 PM

P.S. Joe, your post suggest me a good idea. Yes I want some red in the 5 day offset for my entry point. I don't buy at the top. But why wait after red to buy the stock when it is a good time to go short for a day or 2? I have to study this opportunity but I don't know how to manage short signal yet.

It would seem to me that 2 separate scans would best serve your need.
Since momentum stocks are basically sinewaves, in that they undulate up and down fairly regularly, I would want the buy signal to come at or near the bottom and the go short signal at or near the top of the wave.
Hell, at this point I would just settle for a scanner that more or less hits on stocks with these sine wave like charts.

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10/27/2003 8:25:16 PM

I gleaned these informations about TSYS on yahoo site.

ANNAPOLIS, Md., Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (Nasdaq: TSYS - News), a global leader in location and messaging software and E9-1-1 services for wireless carriers, and an expert in highly reliable and secure communications systems for government customers, today announced results for the quarter ended September 30, 2003.
(Logo: )
TCS reported third quarter 2003 net income of $0.5 million or $0.02 per share, its first quarterly profit in the four years since beginning its aggressive investment in cellular wireless data technology. Third quarter 2003 net income improved $4.9 million compared to the previous quarter's net loss of $4.4 million (excluding the second quarter's $7.0 million additional amortization of capitalized software development costs), and improved $3.1 million compared to the third quarter 2002 net loss of $2.6 million.

Total revenue for the quarter was a record $28.2 million, up 41% from second quarter 2003 revenue of $20.1 million, and 22% from $23.2 million of revenue in the third quarter of 2002. For the first nine months of 2003, TCS reported total revenue of $67.6 million, compared to $64.0 million in the first nine months of 2002. Third quarter 2003 revenue was comprised of 31% Service Bureau, 56% Network Solutions, and 13% Network Software.

The Company reported its highest-ever gross profit in the third quarter of $11.8 million, representing a 43% increase over second quarter 2003 gross profit of $8.3 million and a 16% increase over $10.2 million of gross profit in the third quarter of 2002. Gross margin was 42% in the quarter ended September 30, 2003, compared to 41% in the second quarter of 2003, and 44% in the third quarter of 2002. For the first nine months of 2003 overall gross margin was 42% compared to 38% for the first nine months of 2002.


Will it hold at $5?
by: jaguarclaw2112
Long-Term Sentiment: Hold 10/27/03 01:06 pm
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I may reenter if this thing gets hit below $5. If it is able to hold above $5 for the day, anything under $5.10 looks pretty good.
I got lucky and sold around $5.85 expecting a "buy on the rumor, sell on the news" type of action, but I really didn't expect this big of a pullback. Support at $5 is obviously crucial.
This one is a good one to keep on your radar screen.


Some buyers are ready to reenter at the first sign of positive action of the stock. The news are good and I think it is just a temporary pullback.

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10/28/2003 8:08:51 PM

Here is a little gem that mines those momentum stocks ... I believe it would be a great candidate for those good ole Darvas Box followers ...

Fetcher[High is less than 25 percent above the bottom linear regression line(60,1.25) and linear regression(10) slope crossed below 0 within the last 1 day and the 21 day slope of the close is above .25]

...any further enhancements are welcome !

Fare Well !

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10/30/2003 4:13:12 PM

Sold TSYS at 5.49 for a little 8% gain in 3 days.
Kept the profit in that stock for my long term portfolio.

Bought PRFT at 3.10
The RSI(2) is at 4

This is another company who dropped on good news.
Will rebounce sooner or later.

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10/31/2003 1:33:19 PM

Sold PRFT at 3.40 for a 9% gain in 1 day.
Kept the profit in for long term.

Have a nice week-end!

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11/1/2003 1:50:16 PM

Looks like PRFT raised FY03 guidance yesterday.
You did a good job with your FA and it paid off.

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11/1/2003 3:11:13 PM

You mean to tell me RSI(2) is working? You made money using RSI(2)? Imagine that! LOL!!!

Nice work, fellow SFer.


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