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12/17/2009 2:14:42 PM

I also got YRCW ... but it's already moved.

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12/17/2009 2:18:12 PM

I have several different filters that rely only on moving averages - buy if it is above, sell if it is below. Daily and weekly variants, but I think you are more interested in the daily version:

Pivot Point-Based Filter:


/* BUY when price closes above the 10 day MA of S1*/
/*SELL when prices close below the 10 day MA of R1*/

set{pp_10, CMA(pp,10) 1 day ago}
set{r_10, CMA(r1,10) 1 day ago}
set{s_10, CMA(s1,10) 1 day ago}

set{BUY, count(close closes above s_10,1)}
set{SELL, count(close closes below r_10,1)}

draw WAIT
draw SELL on plot WAIT
draw BUY on plot WAIT

draw pp_10 on plot price
draw r_10 on plot price
draw s_10 on plot price

/*Insert any stock you want into the symlist - I use these as market guides*/


add column BUY
add column SELL
add column pp_10
add column r_10
add column s_10


You can also substitute above/below the PP moving average as well. A little less subject to whipsawing.

I have a similar filter that only uses VMA(10) as the trigger line - works pretty nicely as well.

Both of these would have kept me OUT of gold and silver, if I had bothered to respect what they were saying. As you can see, both GLD and SLV dropped below the trigger line on 4 Dec. My bad.

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12/17/2009 10:25:38 PM


Be careful with YRCW! I spoke with one of their truck drivers yesterday; he does not think they will survive; going to BK. YRCW is having trouble with the bond holders converting to stock; similar to GM.

I am a lurker who enjoys your (and Kevin's) posts!


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12/18/2009 12:05:02 PM

THIS IS EXACTLY why I HATE trading penny stocks.
I just like to look at charts. I know nothing about YRCW.
With pennies, you have to check the NEWS, to make sure they're not going BK.
Several months ago, I recommended STSA @ $1.23 as a SHORT. .. ONLY BECAUSE I knew they were going BK.
It's 0.60 now.
I normally don't trade pennies for that reason alone (possible BK).

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