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3/18/2008 1:34:17 AM

Ok, 5 years, $30,000 in the hole, nothing has "gone my way" ever.
So, after a few paid websites, one uses the MA(8) as an indicator for long and shorts. I have come up with this for shorts.

show stocks where close crossed below EMA (8) one day ago and
full stochastics %K(14,3) cross below %D (3) one day ago and
close is between 10 and 60 dollars and
volume is greater than 50000

I am looking for something *simple* and not elaborate and it's based on a weekly chart, not daily.
so far, what I have come up with has worked well, but the market, as we all know, is a mess.


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3/18/2008 1:34:46 AM

I went back and made it clickable.

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3/18/2008 5:49:24 PM

U are aware that all indicators above are Daily not weekly.
For weekly results try...

and weekly close crossed below weekly EMA (8) one week ago and etc etc

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3/19/2008 12:25:40 PM

deejal, haven't we all been there? Hang in there and one of these days ure patience will be greatly rewarded. One minor note I would like to add is that a filter alone will not make you rich. In order to succeed in this treacherous game, you need to develop a working strategy comprised of risk profile and money management. This basically means that, for every trade, you will first have to weigh the risk against the reward and then apply position sizing based on the risk profile. This way, you will never lose ure shirt completely.

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