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11/16/2010 11:07:29 PM

Last night I posted a script, but it was buried in the GLD vs. SPY topic. Midway thru that thread, the conversation turned to the overall market, zeroing in on the 20-day MA.

So here is the script relative to "Major Indices above/below their MA(20) and MA(50)" using ETFs as benchmarks.

100.00 = Close/MA(20) when both lines touch. Same with MA(50). The draw command also includes Bollinger bands. Best to use both the Table and Chart views.

I welcome constructive input as to how to make the script better, or comments re: its potential usage. Thanks, Duke56468, for your help so far; keep it coming! (Note: See how the figures change on Nov. 16 from 1 day ago on Nov. 15 [some from above 100 to below 100]). Overall, re: MA(20) shown is the current day and also 3 days back. That way a trend is more visible.

add column ma(20)
add column separator
add column y1{close/ma(50)}
add column separator
add column d1{close/ma(20)}
add column d1 1 day ago{1 day ago}
add column d1 2 days ago{2 days ago}
add column d1 3 days ago{3 days ago}
add column separator
draw ma(20)
draw ma(50)
draw bollinger bands
draw average volume(50)

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