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2/20/2010 5:24:57 PM

I've been running this or variations of it for a month or so, looking for micro-caps that are starting to break out of a solid base on higher volume. With many microcaps, I get a better sense of price-volume action by looking at weekly charts rather than daily.

Most hits from this aren't worth buying. But if you see an interesting chart, do some DD and you may find a good trade. I got a nice 25% trade on CRWG in Jan using this approach.

/* Micro-cap Weekly Volume Pop Screener*/
/* looking for stocks starting to break out of well formed bases on higher vol*/
/* look for tech, China, pharma, medical, maybe financials*/
/* Look for weekly bars with fewer top tails in base*/

set{ money, close * average volume(10)}
set{Voltrig, 2.5 * weekly average volume(20) two weeks ago}

money > 8000
money < 600000
close > 0.05

/*money reached new 120 day high within last 5 days*/

weekly volume > voltrig
weekly OBV reached new 60 day high within last 5 days

/*weekly volume one week ago > average weekly volume(20) two weeks ago*/

Count(close reached new 20 week high, 15) > 1

add column money
add column weekly volume {W vol}
add column weekly average volume(20) {w avg vol}
add column ind
draw weekly average volume(20)
draw weekly OBV
chart-display is weekly
chart-length is 8 months
sort by column 5 ascending

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