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7/8/2022 9:08:25 AM

I found that using the displaced moving average was giving me a signal
on my charts, but not as a count on my signals, due to repainting.
I missed the last move on NVAX from $38 to over $70 because of this.

I have therefore removed the DMA and am now using custom moving
average crossover of the PVI(5) and PVI(10) (positive volume index).

I am posting it below (if you click Fetch and it says you have exceeded
you subscription, click again). If you find any errors, please feel free to respond.

Thoughts, comments and advice are always welcome!

draw ema(13)
draw ema(30)
draw ema(50)
draw cma(asi,10)
set{c_13, count (close > ema(13),1)}
set{c_30, count (close > ema(30),1)}
set{rs_53, count (rsi(14) > 53,1)}
set{pvi_22, count (pvi > pvi 22 day low, 1)}

set{Weekly_MACD,wk1 - wk2}

set{Daily_MACD,dy1 - dy2}

set{Weekly_and_Daily_MACD,Weekly_MACD + Daily_MACD}

set{wd_up, count (Weekly_and_Daily_MACD > Weekly_MACD,1)}

set{pv5, cma(pvi,5)}
set{pv10, cma(pvi,10)}
set{pv510, count (pv5 > pv10,1)}
set{var1, pv510 + c_13}
set{var2, c_30 + rs_53}
set{var3, pvi_22 + wd_up}
set{var4, var1 + var2}
set{sig5, var3 + var4}
draw sig5 > 1.99
and sig5 1 day ago < 1.99

draw cma(pvi,5) on plot pvi
draw cma(pvi,10) on plot pvi
do not draw pvi
draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_MACD on plot Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD line at 0

and draw rsi(14) line at 53
draw pvi 22 day low on plot pvi

draw Stochastic %K(20,20,2)
draw Stochastic %K(40,40,4)
add column high
add column separator
add column sector
add column industry
add column atr(14)
add column separator
add column sig5 {signals}
add column c_13
add column pv510
add column separator
add column c_30
add column rs_53
add column pvi_22
add column wd_up

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7/8/2022 12:09:37 PM


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7/10/2022 12:15:43 PM

Your new modified scan does indeed find NVAX before the big run-up with a 2 signal count.

However it found it a couple of weeks before with an even stronger signal count of 4 on May 27, but that would not have been too good of a trade.

Ed S.

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7/11/2022 1:34:44 AM

True. As with any filter / scan there are going to be head
fakes. Thus, a stop loss is required.

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7/11/2022 11:12:16 AM

Snappy,where's the trigger? What's the logic behind it? Thanks,Miketranz....

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7/12/2022 7:45:17 PM


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7/15/2022 4:54:50 AM

I use a "window" to buy. It comes up on the scan when it
rises to 2 signals. At 5 signals, I consider the "window" closing.

That is not to say price won't continue to rise, but I want
to be in earlier on the move.

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7/15/2022 5:55:48 AM

Also, I buy the day after the signal IF open is above
close or open is in top 25% of previous candle and
breaks the high of said candle.

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