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7/14/2011 4:36:15 PM

Can someone help me with this filter? This would take into account three days. let me see if I can explain this correctly.

Volume greater than previous day. (from day 1)
Volume greater than 1000000 (from day 2)
price is between 1 and 20 (from day 2)
close is 50% of high of day. (from day 2)

Price is between 1 and 20
opening was below previous close (from day 3)
price is within 10% of previous High of day. (from day 3)

Is this possible?
Thanks in advance.

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7/15/2011 12:21:36 PM

Volume > 5% above volume 1 day ago
volume > 1000000
close > 1 and close < 20

I do not understand this
close is 50% of high of day. (from day 2)

The rest is done above

Intraday prices here are delayed.

See ya

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7/16/2011 10:29:27 AM

Thanks David.
Here is what I'm trying to do.
I want to be able to look at a stock today that has surpassed yesterdays volume. Also today it closed at a percentage of its High of the day. Lets say 60%. I want that to be a percentage so I can adjust it. Then on the third day I want to be able to locate a stock that has opened at or below yesterdays close and is about to pass the previous days HOD. Assuming it has met all the other criteria from the previous day.
Plus the other criteria of price and volume already listed. Is this doable?


Mark C.

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7/17/2011 12:54:23 AM

Yeah the way you word stuff is really confusing.. no worries lol. I've added labels in an attempt to understand
what you were asking for. I think you could probally get exactly what you wanted my some simple adjustments on this.

This I set to 10% so something would show up. I think you wanted 50%.


set{volume1, volume 3 days ago }
set{volume2, volume }
set{volume3, volume2 - volume1}
set{price1, close 3 days ago }
set{price2, high 3 days ago }

Show stocks where volume3 is above 1000000
and volume has been increasing over the last 2 days
and price1 is between 1 and 20
and close is 10% less than price2

add column price2{High 2 days ago}
add column price1{Close 2 days ago}
add column volume1{Volume 2 days ago}
add column Volume 2 days ago{Yesterdays volume}

Here I added 10% and subtracted 10% to create a "within" 10%.


set{price1, close 1 days ago }
set{price2, high 1 days ago }
set{price3, price2 * 1.10 }
set{price4, price3 - price2 }
set{price5, price2 - price4 }

Show stocks where price is between 1 and 20
and open < price1
and price < price3
and price > price5

and add column price2 {Yesterdays high}
and add column price1 {Yesterdays close}
and add column open {Todays open}



John B.

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