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10/24/2003 1:36:15 AM

Fetcher[show stocks where pattern is Darvas Box AND CLOSE ABOVE .01 AND AVG VOL(90) ABOVE 1,000,000 AND VOLUME ABOVE 1,000,000 AND 60 DAY SLOPE OF CLOSE ABOVE .50 and rsi(2) below 20 and williams %R(2) below -90]



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10/24/2003 12:37:34 PM

The filter does not blow up my skirt any thats for sure.
Either there is something wrong with it or the DARVAS box is overrated.
As it is any number of filters already posted outperform this one 10-1

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10/24/2003 1:55:07 PM

Fetcher[upper Darvas Box 1 day ago is above 0 and high is above upper Darvas Box 1 day ago and price between 1 and 5 and average volume(90) above 1500000 and volume above 1000000]

A buy is made near the close of the next day only if the price is unchanged or up. Holds are for one month with a 4% stop loss once a gain passes 7%. Trading styles are like everything else... different strokes for different folks. It should go without saying that stop losses need to be in place and maintained. I only trade the Toronto exchange but a similar filter (price points and volumes different) and trading style backtested from January, 2000 and statistically analysed using three rotating floats performed admirably well and I've started using it.

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10/24/2003 9:39:48 PM


Thanks for sharing. I was just testing out the new Darvas code. Seems to be promising.

Joe G. At least now we all know the truth... you wear skirts! LOL!!

"JoeGrossinger 10/24/2003 12:37:34 PM

The filter does not blow up my skirt any thats for sure."

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10/25/2003 1:47:31 AM

Well, I see nothing exciting about this filter.
Very few hits, and not much of a return on investment on the few days when there is a hit.
I'm not sure if this filter actually follows Darvas rules but in any case I also read the book and was not impressed with it either.
For a supposed miraculous money making method, very few traders actually use it.
There are a few Darvas method websites for folks interested in that kind of thing but none of them are setting the world on fire with the method.
I think that is most telling, because folks flock to the current money machines like bees to honey.
Neither the Darvas sites touting Darvas picks nor this filter can replace good old TA.
As a matter of fact, there are probaly a dozen filters in this forum alone that outperform the Darvas Box filter.
As far as I can see its much todo over nothing.
A month from now it won't even be discussed here.

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10/25/2003 12:11:42 PM

"JoeGrossinger 10/25/2003 2:20:23 AM

The NASDAQ chart will probably go to 1820, or to the bottom of the Bollinger Band. It swings from one band to the other fairly frequently. If it holds there and goes up, there should be no problems. If the market goes below 1800 then we could be in for a rough time.

When the market is red - stay in bed

Sound advice unless you like bucking the odds and swimming upstream.

The DOW Industrials will probably end up at 9350-9400.

Most of the time you don't need any software or indicators to see where the market or a stock is going. Unless there is an oversold indication that is very strong, stay away from charts that point downward. Simple as that.
If you like buying the oversold stocks that is OK too but just keep in mind that the only absolute bottom for any stock is a price of 0.00
Go with your eyeballs and guts and use the indicator for confirmation.
As in the case with LOOK, NVDA, UTSI and many others, avoid them because the price just keeps going down. Why bother with these when there are so many others that are going up or are grossly oversold or that make a nice sine wave?
Look at FLEX or CVC or CSCO for some very interesting plays on stocks that MOVE and make money."

If you don't need indicators then what's the reason you even bother with filters?

Then again, it must really take a whole lot to impress a man who wears skirts.

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10/25/2003 9:31:05 PM

You're too quick to pass judgment..

The SF Darvas Box "algorithm" doesn't match with the site. (My gold standard).

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1/3/2004 11:53:22 AM

This indicator is very useful.......
Like other's here, I have used Sethi Site off and on, mostly to validate TA points displayed on other sites. I ran the offered scan script here but like Joe did not see much that wow'd me, nothing personal to the writer. But using the indicator with proven script methods does yield some results in keeping with the Darvas Theory, in where we are all searching for those stocks that move "outside" the box. Here is what I got for Mon. from the latest round of tweaking/backtesting a scan I've used for a couple weeks now........ALMO, GEB, IINT, SNG, ICA, CLTR, CNTY. Granted not all of these have moved out of square, but most have, so it seems in early testing that this indicator as written here on SF can produce results.

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1/3/2004 12:27:33 PM

my modified DARVAS box filter picks up the following for monday : FHRX VITR EPIC FLDR IRSN MTMD IVIL MESA HNR DTPI TWR FSII DYAX AYE HOMS GMAI, I'll watch them in order for a green hold,others may want to use their favorite buy indicators of course, be warned i'm looking for volatile stocks which can move quickly,not like the original "old style" DARVIS box so this is probably not for the faint of heart, regards,MUDDY

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1/3/2004 1:11:44 PM

Thanks for the offers wallman.......
I see you're style (Muddy-Method) looks for positions where the gift fell out of the box and now there's an air gap to fill to get it back into the original packaging. I am looking more for strength with this scan, and the chance of finding something w/good spread in the next box or clear sky situation. I use other bottom feeder scans to enter oversold issues, but maybe should re-write this to see what I come up with in relation to your hit list.I follow a couple of those picks like IVIL & IRSN...FWIW. Good luck in your endeavors. I'll re-post when I get my negative spin script written.

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