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8/15/2007 3:18:42 PM

Hi there,

does anybody know where to get the NEW HIGHS and NEW LOWS (26 weeks or 52 weeks) figures for NASDAQ or NYSE? Is there a service that is graphing these numbers?


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8/15/2007 4:30:07 PM

Amazing what a google search will find!

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8/15/2007 4:32:20 PM

hope this helps.

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8/15/2007 8:52:49 PM

On that schaeffersresearch website, there's an ad for "Trade King".
What cheap commissions!
$4.95 per trade and 0.65 cents per options contract.
Anyone ever opened an account with them?
Heard anything good or bad?

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8/16/2007 8:29:35 AM

Look at the "Breadth Charts" on stockcharts:
CandleGlance ($NYAD, $NYHL, $NAAD, $NAHL, $AMAD, $AMHL)

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8/16/2007 8:39:24 AM

Also, look at the Point and Figure chart on the $INDU (stockcharts).
It sez "double bottom breakdown on August 14th".
"Traditional 3 box reversal".
"Bearish price objective 12,500"

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8/16/2007 8:55:10 AM

Rump, John, Karenma,
Thanks for the various hints on the NEW LOWS.

Ufortunately none of those provides what I am looking for:

A simple graph (daily) of NEW LOWS or NEW HIGHS of the daily numbers.
I tried YAHOO but they dont have the numbers. I'd be happy to graph them myself if I had the raw figures.

Any ideas?


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8/16/2007 10:04:11 AM

How about any of these:
$NAADV Nasdaq - Issues Advancing INDX
$NADEC Nasdaq - Issues Declining INDX
$NAADU Nasdaq - Issues Unchanged INDX
$NAHGH Nasdaq - New Highs INDX
$NALOW Nasdaq - New Lows INDX
$NATOT Nasdaq - Total Active Symbols INDX
$NAUPV Nasdaq - Volume Advancing INDX
$NADNV Nasdaq - Volume Declining INDX
$NAUDU Nasdaq - Volume Unchanged INDX
$QIV Nasdaq 100 After Hours Indicator (AHI) INDX
$BPNDX Nasdaq 100 Bullish Percent Index INDX
$BXN Nasdaq 100 Buywrite Index - CBOE INDX
$NDXE Nasdaq 100 Equal Weighted Index INDX
$RHNDX Nasdaq 100 High-Low Index

$AMAD AMEX Advance-Decline Issues INDX
$AMADU AMEX - Issues Unchanged INDX
$AMADV AMEX - Issues Advancing INDX
$AMDEC AMEX - Issues Declining INDX
$AMDNV AMEX - Volume Declining INDX
$AMHILO AMEX - 10 Day MA of Record High Percent Index INDX
$AMHL AMEX New Highs-New Lows INDX
$AMTOT AMEX - Total Active Symbols INDX
$AMTV AMEX Total Volume INDX
$AMUD AMEX Advance-Decline Volume INDX
$AMUDU AMEX - Volume Unchanged INDX
$AMUPV AMEX - Volume Advancing

On stockcharts if you go to search and then type in "$" you might find what you're looking for.

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8/16/2007 1:57:34 PM


thanks. That does the trick.

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