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6/7/2008 11:24:36 PM

Any way of adding a filter to find when the OBV EMA(1) is +/- near the 60 day slope of sdd. This would narrow the number of stocks to watch when they are close to possible long reversal activity.
Same could help at the 60 day slope of sdu for shorting.
I set offset = 25 and ran the filter.
It was very interesting to see the stock low and high reversal matcing the low and high on the OBV EMA(1) relationship to the 60 day slope of sdd/sdu

Just an observation ------

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6/8/2008 6:43:24 AM

Alright...what is "SD?" I've been here about 3-years now, and have never seen this coding even once! Chetron or Niko, can you please explain it to me like I'm a 4-year old? Oh, and BTW...great job again with the channel around OBV. You guys very well might have found a filter that finds absolute bottoms, if one you can get OBV(1) to touch that bottom "SD" line. Do that, and I'll Fed-Ex you a picture with Hilarry Clinton standing on a balcony somewhere in the nude reading the Washington Post! It's hilarious!

Thanx for all the creative and ingenious coding you two! You both really make a HUGE difference here...


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6/8/2008 7:45:12 AM

If you use Avery's "WARM ZOOM LENS", and code it to have "wrval is below 10" will find that most of the results will land OBV on the "sdd", and that's just where you want it!

For those of you playing around with'll notice that OBV(1) will scream past (below) the "ssd" line. That's okay. As long as price is near or touching your Linear Regression Channel(60). And if it's not, that just means a stock is ready to resume it's continued upward movement.

Until we can get one of our coding geniuses to get OBV to "touch" that "sdd" line...this might be the next best thing.

Fetcher[60-day slope of the close is above 0
average volume(90) is above 100000
volume is above 100000
volume is below volume 1-day ago
RSI(2) is below 5
sort column 5 ascending
close is above 5
offset 0

*60-day Linear Regression Channel applied to OBV*/
set{SDU,OBV(1) + SD}
set{SDD,OBV(1) - SD}

draw 60 day slope of OBV(1)
draw 60 day slope of SDU on plot OBV(1)
draw 60 day slope of SDD on plot OBV(1)

do not draw SDU
do not draw SDD
add column RSI(2)

* NORMALIZE accumulation distribution */

set{adval, INDPOSITION(accumulation distribution, 60) * 100 }


set{rsval, INDPOSITION(RSI(7), 60) * 100}

/* NORMALIZE williams %r(7) */

set{wrval, INDPOSITION(williams %r(7), 60) * 100 }


set{ccval, INDPOSITION(CCI(7), 60) * 100 }


draw wrval
draw adval on plot wrval
draw rsval on plot wrval
draw ccval on plot wrval
wrval is below 10

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6/8/2008 11:23:40 AM


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6/8/2008 1:36:22 PM


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6/9/2008 5:04:31 AM

izzykabaka says: well done pipooo!!. i may not yet fully understand the filters. but the spirit of sharing is truly alive and thriving.

i was wondering, are there anyother added criterias for to strengthen the signals or do you should one trade off the filter results.what kind of reversals are we l expecting here minor or major?

by the way, you guys rock!.

may the obvarian gods deliver plentifully.

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6/9/2008 9:06:07 AM

Enforcer wrote:

i was wondering, are there anyother added criterias for to strengthen the signals or do you should one trade off the filter results.what kind of reversals are we l expecting here minor or major?

Any time you are dealing with Linear regression, the first thing I always look for is decreased volume. This is a must! At some point, you want to see a volume spike, to make sure all the short sellers are gone. See that last filter I wrote up there?...notice in it I wrote "volume is below volume 1-day ago?? That's what you want to see near the bottom LR(60).

As far as "reversal signals"....little "Hammers", "Inverted Hammers", small black candles, "Belt-hold lines", "Counterattack lines", and "crosses". These are the chosen few with lower volume. Of course, divergence takes precedence over all of them. If you see it with RSI(2), OBV, or my favorite...Williams %R(2), then go to your 2 hour intraday charts, and wait for the same set-up (divergence or little black candles).

This should give you that jump-start you need....


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6/9/2008 9:23:00 AM

Also guys....

Whenever dealing with LR(60), make sure the platform you use is correct. Meaning, many times your LR(60) isn't true! So use your "cross curser's" to make sure your bottoms are lined up with recent lows, and or major treanlines, or your major support/resistance lines. This is CRITICAL for entry's!


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6/9/2008 10:10:02 AM

....WSG, i've been using a slightly different version of a filter you posted some time ago. To me it's the best filter ever posted here on stockfetcher. you're most recent miroors it pretty closely. One thing i threw in my filter is:
Draw Linear Regression Channel(60)

it realyy helps in looking at a chart to see the stock sitting on the bottonm of the LRC(60). just thought i'd throw this in. thanks for all you advice in the past.

ps. here's the filter i use, it's really pretty simple. i even named it after you!!:

Show stocks where low is near the bottom linear regression line(60)
And rsi(2) is < 30
And offset 0-days
And average volume(30) is above 100000
And 60-day slope of close is above 0
And close is between 15 and 250
add column RSI(2)
add column Fast Stochastics(14,10)
add column Williams %R(10)
Draw Linear Regression Channel(60)

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6/9/2008 10:39:05 AM

Ham -

Isn't it funny how the simplest filters almost never leave your fav's list? "Alf44" always says..."keep it simple stupid!" Hey, thanks for the kudos, but it was THeRumpledOne that shared that simple filter with me. I can only assume that any and every good filter had TRO'S fingerprints on it at some point. Where "I" come in...I like to show other how things work, and how to use them. When I built mechanical systems for the professional handicapping world, they used to call me "Professor Riggs." But don't confuse me with THEE "Professor Riggs" of Cambridge University. Yeah right huh?....LOL


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