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7/22/2007 8:37:58 AM

GOOG as of Sunday morning, 22 July, its sitting with a very low RSI(2)....., large volume too. Obviously following the crash last week. Is Monday going to be the opportunity to pick up Aug Options?

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7/23/2007 3:26:11 AM

Not that simple, son. How low is the RSI(2)?

There are other variables and indicators to consider plus overall market condition. If RSI(2) < 1 for GOOG in particular, then this might be an opportunity but you cannot generalize for all stocks.

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7/23/2007 4:16:12 AM

dbyrt You can lose your shirt trading RSI(2)< 1, I agree with danglin, look at the broader general conditions. As for goog,(unless your going to day trade it) I would be leery putting money into the options from the long side. I don't need rsi(2)< 1 telling me how to lose money. Remember the closing price and days action create rsi(2)< 1, not the other way around. Use Rsi(2) as a visual aid, but don't bank on it. Good luck Bob

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7/24/2007 4:52:24 PM

RSI(2), or any other indicator for that matter, doesn't lose money.


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